Upright Freezer Buying Guide

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Fridge versus freezer

If you already have a fridge, you may still need a freezer if you store lots of food and you need to preserve food that needs higher temp. The refrigerant has a freezer that is moving faster to keep 0 degrees Fahrenheit or -18 degrees Celsius for its core temperature. The vapors of a fridge travel in a slower pace for it requires only 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius.


Choose your type of freezer

Available are two types of freezers: the chest freezer also known as deep freezer and upright freezer.

Chest freezer or deep freezer is the traditional type with the lid on top. Maybe you remember a bad experience; when as a kid, you fall inside as a kid reaching for a pint of ice cream. It has high performance; inexpensive cost and utilizes cheaper energy especially during power blackouts. Your food stays cold longer.

Upright freezers are a more recent design that opens up like a fridge. It is more convenient to load and unload. It is easy to organize food as there are shelves or drawers. New models are frost-free so you don’t have to defrost them.


Why opt for upright freezer?

It is best for you to choose a stand up freezer. Its cost is a bit stiffer than a chest freezer, but it offers more conveniences making the extra cost worthwhile. You can place the freezer anywhere: keep it in your kitchen, in the basement, garage or utility room. With an upright model you have made a perfect deal to preserve foods within your reach.


Best features of a freezer

Size: Purchase the stand up freezer that will fit in your storage or your allocated space. Measure the dimension of your door in case you plan to buy a very large freezer.

Controls: The controls of most freezers are found at the back of the unit and at the level of the floor. Find out that they are easily accessible but hidden from curious little fingers. Base rollers facilitate moving the freezer as well as accessing controls, cleaning and installation.

Freezer liners: There must be heavy-duty liners that are durable – avoid thin aluminum liners found in some freezers.

Interior light: Light is essential to identify which ice cream flavor you are holding.

Internal storage: With baskets and partitions, you keep your freezer from turning into a frozen abyss. Upright freezer has combination of shelves and drawers that are the most versatile layout.


An upright freezer for a lifetime

When it comes to making a purchase, first compare prices after shopping around. Also, look for incentives that the stores are offering. It could be rewards program or other available discounts or longer warranties. You will be contented to own a standing freezer for convenience and other benefits. With a good one, it will serve you for many years.


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