Car In-Mirror Video Buying Guide

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Why you need a mirror video?

Rear view mirrors used today are electronics high tech mirrors with lots more useful features. Called as mirror videos, they are smart digital mirrors that have eliminated the use of traditional external mirrors and are equipped have LCD monitors.


It has a camera attached to the rear of your car. With the backup camera mirror, images are displayed directly on the LCD monitor.


Benefits of mirror videos

For travel safety, you can easily check the traffic conditions behind your car without effort due to the rear view camera. All images displayed on the LCD monitors are devoid of overlaps due to the extraordinary design that is highly technological design in the structure of digital rear view cameras.


You do not need to turn around to see what’s behind you. Mirror TV receive very clear and highly supreme and clear images due to its high-resolution cameras and the operating system.


Find best features in your car-in-rear view mirror

A rear view mirror is an important safety design found in every vehicle for the safety of your journey, giving you the leeway to check what is happening at the rear of your car through the shield of your vehicle.


Rear view mirrors of many cars today are fashioned from electronic mirrors of high tech that are easily found in markets and they are provided with lots of good features. Also referred to as Mirror Video, they eliminated using external mirrors with LCD monitors.


Attached at the car’s rear, they help display the images directly on the LCD monitor. With the clear and widespread imagery from these mirrors, they are of immense help to the drivers.

You are given the option to switch between mirrors and monitors with the help of a switch present at the bottom of these mirrors. Due to its high-resolution, mirror video offers optimum high clarity and safety.


Mirror TV cable technology

This is a window computer similar to video recorder; Bluetooth, etc.., with the mirrors often providing unique translucent touch screen in the middle. Video Mirror displays aid users to keep away from external mirror which is just an additional weight and slows down the car’s speed.


Most high-end mirror TVs are made up of 3-D clusters that are utilized tracking head and eye technology for making 3-dimensional images of the LCD’s screen offering diverse perceptions of a single image.


This driver is to able to judge easily and more accurately the distance of the vehicle from other vehicles. These smart mirrors allow night vision, wider angles and generally found in modern high end cars.


Aides for safety driving

It was in 2002 when the first production vehicles of back up cameras first appeared and their popularity has increased tremendously that coincided with the propagation of dashboard display screens on which the rear view is displayed.


Some of the newer models gave this mirror camera idea a greater step forward by equipping and installing multi-cameras a wider 360 degree view of the vehicle’s surroundings and providing greater visibility. And with your dash cam, you have evidence that you are not at fault in a collision


See what’s behind you

This backup camera mirror in your car provides you a lighted but low and wide-angle view of what’s behind the car that the traditional rear-view mirror was not able to provide. With your pets or small children around, you have to clear up those blind spots to prevent further mess.


Installing a rear view mirror camera in your car will give you peace of mind if you’re safety-conscious and want to watch what you’re towing.


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