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Curls, waves or straight hair?

Here’s what you need to consider when buying a hair dryer brush for yourself. You can get a blow dryer brush that will allow you to style your hair into more curly and wavy settings as you dry it out.┬áThese brushes work similarly to straighteners, applying heat while holding your hair in place. You can find different brush sizes to choose where you want to be on the spectrum of curly and wavy. A hair straightener brush is the same concept applied to straighten hair. Follow the instructions on both different types of brushes to make sure you see the change you want.


How much heat do you need?

There are different settings to the heat on a straightening brush. Some maybe as hot as a hair iron, while some can be gentle like the heat from a blow dryer brush. It is important to understand how your hair reacts to different temperatures, particularly hotter temperatures. In order to protect yourself, consider buying a brush with anti-scald safety features. This will prevent you from getting bad burns while grooming your hair.

Another important factor is the speed at which the heat reaches desired temperature. The faster it reaches the right temperature, the sooner you can be done with your hair prep.



Do you want something portable or something heavy duty? Fortunately, most of these devices can become portable if you really want them to. However some are made with optimal portability in mind. Longer, lighter power chords and more optimal builds can make the difference between a happy holiday and one spent with packing issues.


Curl sizes

The size of the hair dryer brush determines how big or small your curls will be. Smaller curls need small brushes to maintain. Larger curls or waves however can be achieved with a bigger hair dryer brush size.


Color and design

Most hair straightener brushes come with ergonomic design that allows for easy styling. There are some variants of a straightening iron with bristles to help keep your hair straight. They also come in a variety of colors to suit your style. You can choose from hot pink, sky blue, red, gold and a host of other presentations from the palette. The materials used to make the brush are also quite varied.

The device surfaces range from high grade plastic, steel, ceramic and in some cases, rubber. Each type of design and material aims to provide a different kind of comfort and grip while grooming your hair.


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