Trampolines Buying Guide

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Getting the Maximum Bounce for your Money

Over the few years, trampoline is slowly becoming an incessant demand in our gardens. Many homeowners join this upward trend and allow their children to grow into it for leisure activities. If you’re planning of jumping on trampoline bandwagon you should understand that purchasing the right trampoline can be a difficult process. Not to mention the seamless options of brands, there’s the price, safety features and weight limits that you should take into account before your child can finally take a joyful jump into a high quality trampoline.


We’ve gathered some information on what to consider when selecting a trampoline. Let us take a look at the following tips for choosing a trampoline that’s perfect for you and your family.


Safety should always come first. When buying a trampoline, evaluate the safety features. These should include adequate padding all over the trampoline springs, galvanized steel, durable frames, rust resistance and no-gap enclosures. When appropriate safety features are in place, you can minimize potential risks and ensure safety.


Wide Range of Size, Shape and spring

Trampolines are available in a wide variety of sizes, springs and shapes. Trampolines offered by retail shops come in five basic shapes – square, round, oval, octagonal and round. They also rang from six up to 17 feet in diameter. Round trampolines are commonly purchased by homeowners while rectangular versions are generally preferred and reserves for athletes. Meanwhile, consumers can choose anywhere from 70 up to 96 trampoline springs. Expert says if you want more jumps from your trampoline you will require more springs.


Quality Frames, Padding and Enclosures to Invest

Most sporting good trampolines come with netted enclosure. The challenge of determining a good quality trampoline remains. An impressive quality trampoline has thick and reliable netted enclosures which run around the sporting good. You should never buy trampolines with damaged or torn netting. Enclosure net will help prevent your kids from falling off the trampoline when they bounce too high.


Trampoline padding which is placed around the edge of your trampoline is a keen safety feature that helps prevent spring-related risks and injuries. Invest from thick foam padding or trampolines with waterproof vinyl covers. Be weary of trampoline that uses string and rope for securing the padding as they can potentially cause high risk spring injuries.


Frames are commonly overlooked by consumers when it comes to choosing a trampoline. High quality frames make a huge difference between bad and fantastic jumping experience. Ensure that trampoline frames are made from high quality metal construction. When frames are easy to assemble, make sure they have good welding quality to ensure nothing would come loose over time when trampoline is used.


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