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You do not have to suffer from bad breathe

No one is born with bad breath so there are causes; it can be due to dehydration, or a symptom for serious illness and overdoing outdoor activities. Also have a heart check as gum disease causing bad breathes and heart ailment are closely linked. Do you have tonsillitis? Are you overweight? Are you suffering from stomach ulcers? Note that they are all are also contributory factors.


Options to eliminate bad breath

Unpleasant breath, also known as halitosis, is not an impossible problem. There are options to acquire fresh breath. Eat more yogurts to eliminate those stinky bacteria in your system. Pop more mints to mask temporarily odorous scents from your mouth. Toothbrush is a good tool; floss gets rid of food debris that hides in teeth crevices and don’t forget to gurgle your mouthwash.


Mouth freshener, mints, gums, sprays and rinses

Mouth freshener & rinses, gums, mints and fresh breath spray are over-the-counter remedies that will just mask temporarily the problem. You can use them, and they will work for a little bit, but the effect is not permanent as the dragon stink returns. Although sometimes merely masking offensive smell is sufficient, Check labels for antimicrobial and antibacterial agents in these remedies to achieve fresh breath by getting to the source of the problem.


Mints are OK as long as you suck on to flavor the mouth and make the mouth taste better. Gums are sticky but help to get food off the teeth and will stimulate saliva flow. Get sugar-free options and use in moderation.


Find natural breathe fresheners in your kitchen

It is not a joke to say that natural breather fresheners are found in your kitchen! Try lemon water for cleansing your mouth and to neutralize odors. As bad breath cure, cinnamon is a true hero. It teems with antibacterial properties slay bad breathe. For instant fresh breath, chew on fennel seeds as they are fantastic for increasing saliva and killing bad breath germs. Fennel seeds also help to alleviate flatulence, bloating, and indigestion.


Place a slice of cucumber on your tongue and press it against the roof of your mouth for a minute or two. It works wonders! Green tea is a super hero when it comes to fighting halitosis-causing bacteria, but studies have shown that it has also anti-inflammatory properties can also prevent cavities and gum disease.


Why not try parsley? Do you know that people have long been freshening their breath with parsley? Make use of its strong flavor that would made it a natural deodorizer


The best Breath Fresheners are here

Mints, gums, sprays and rinses as breathe fresheners of all kinds; flavors and shapes are available in Amazon. The will surely give solutions to your problem of bad breath. Prices are reasonable and you don’t need a prescription to get one. You can even buy a breath freshener for your dog!


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