Sleep Mask Buying Guide

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Where to use a sleep mask?

Deciding the right sleep mask for you is a bit overwhelming but it is the best solution in the sleeping problem of many people. An eye mask is versatile and use in many purpose: can be used at home or while traveling in an airplane car or train; in a hotel, in hospital, or when they have to sleep in another place away from home. Night workers use them to sleep during the day, or power napping, in the office as well as for relaxation and meditation.


Mask types

1. Simple synthetic masks are most common type includes a thin strap or two in the back, and their material is usually synthetic – nylon or they are cheap, however, light blockage would be quite poor.

2. Concave sleeping masks are made of foam with eye pockets that are concave providing extra room so no pressure is placed directly on the eyelid. They effectively block out any light so you can open your eyes to blink and you will nothing but darkness.

3. Breathable materials of satin or fleece make sleeping masks that are designed for comfort and are adjusted well following the shape of your face. This eye mask sleep blocks light much better than other categories.

4. Luxury silk sleep mask is comfortable as well as blocking light because of the quality of material but also its thickness although it’s slightly more expensive, but definitely worth it. Like other eye masks, silk sleep mask needs better maintenance and care.


Choosing the best mask for you

The best sleep mask helps you feel most comfortable and aids you in getting in a good nap or a restorative night of sleep by 100% light-blocking. Some sleep masks are therapeutic as they have herb sachet fitted in the front pocket to help you sleep with their herbal fragrance.

You eye mask should be soft, flexible and light-weight, with contours that keep it from pressing against your eyes. There are eye masks that come with complimentary ear plugs as well to block the noise.


Care for eye masks

Take good care of your eye mask so it will take good care of you. Hand wash as often as possible to prevent contamination of germs and vermins; wash your mask with cold water and Ph neutral liquid detergent; then dry thoroughly before storing in its proper place. An eye mask sleep guarantees that you enjoy the most rested sleep in your life and helps you achieve better health.


Importance of sleep mask and proper sleep

Proper sleep is essential for your mental and physical well-being for it recharges you making you alert, and provides other benefits for overall well-being; yet, many of people do not get enough sleep especially the night workers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considers lack of sleep as a “public health problem” for 1 out of every 3 adults sleep than the recommended 7 hours of sleep per night; so one of the best remedy is to buy an eye mask.

Purchase an eye cover for sleeping to get the kind of sleep you deserve and for the best buy consider: types, materials, and price.


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