Fuel Additive Top 10 Rankings

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When temp outside is really cold, the diesel fuel in your car congeals in the tank and hampers performance; in this case, you need diesel additive to keep the diesel to have smooth flow through the filter as the tendency of cold clumps to stick. Fuel stabilizers help car in storage for extended period of time, to start up smoothly when it's time to hit the streets again.

We announce latest rankings of best Fuel Additive. We researched countless popular items & selected the Top 10. Before you buy, please check full rankings carefully for the best choice. Do not miss Fuel Additive Buying Guide also.

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Star Brite 14308 Star Tron Enzyme Fuel
Star Brite 14308 Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment cures and prevents fuel problems. It improves fuel economy, reduces emissions and cleans entire fuel delivery system from tank to injectors and combustion chambers.
  • Stabilizes gasoline for up to 2 years.
  • Makes engines start easily, run smooth.
  • Helps prevent phase separation.
Star Brite 14308 Fuel Additive
BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner
BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner is compatible with all fuel system materials, alcohol-blended fuels and common fuel additives. This fuel system cleaner quickly cleans fuel injectors, valves and combustion chambers.
  • Can treat 20 gallons of gasoline.
  • Restores performance & gas mileage.
  • Proven to increase combustion quality & power output.
BG 44K
TruFuel 6527238 4-Cycle Engineered Fuel
Each TruFuel package is exclusively engineered to accommodate potential product expansion in varying temperature environments, as well as the rigors of transport, storage and display. The engineered steel sidewalls and dome rigorously are tested and refined to prevent distention failure.
  • Ethanol-free.
  • Butane-free.
  • Aromatics balanced.
TruFuel 6527238 gas treatment
Yamaha ACC-RNGFR-PL-12 Yamalube Additive
Yamalube Fuel Additive's exclusive synthetic formula provides superior deposit control and cleans fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, intake ports and combustion chambers. It contains metal filmers to help protect fuel system components like silver solder, copper, aluminum from corrosive effects of ethanol sulfate salt.
  • Removes deposits.
  • Corrosion protection.
  • Specially formulated for E10 fuels.
Yamaha ACC-RNGFR-PL-12 fuel treatment
K-100 K100-MG 32 Fuel Treatment
K100 Fuel Treatments are for all gasoline and diesel powered equipment and are formulated for use with all fuels including E-10, ULSD, bio-diesel and home-heating fuels. K-100 is a remarkable organic formulation that bonds itself to water and renders it completely burnable as fuel.
  • Improves overall engine efficiency.
  • Dissolves gums and varnishes.
  • Revitalizes fuel and stabilizes for extended storage.
K-100 K100-MG 32
Pri PRI-G Complete Gasoline Treatment
PRI-G is the ultimate, multi-purpose, complete gasoline fuel treatment which helps you get more from your fuel. This powerful additive is formulated to address each and every one of the most common fuel problems.
  • Highly effective at reducing pinging.
  • Extended engine's life.
  • Keep fuel in your tank refinery fresh for up to a year.
Pri PRI32-G
STABIL 22241 360 Marine Ethanol Treatment
STABIL 360 Marine is the only fuel treatment to emit a revolutionary vapor technology that rises above the fuel line to protect your engine where others before it can't. Use it with every fill up to help keep your engine running cleaner, leaner, smoother.
  • For use at every fill up for optimal protection.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Advance formula for engines used in water environments, to better remove the moisture.
STABIL 22241 gas additive
Lucas 10001 Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer
Lucas 10001 Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer is a 100% petroleum product formulated to eliminate dry starts and reduce friction, heat and wear in any type of engine. It allows motor oils a higher degree of lubricity which reduces oil consumption and operating temperatures.
  • Raises oil pressure.
  • Increase oil life at least 50% longer.
  • Reduces oil consumption.
Lucas 10001
Star Brite 093000N StarTron Enzyme Treatment
Star Brite 093000N StarTron Enzyme Fuel Treatment cures and ethanol fuel problems. It helps prevent phase separation. It stabilizes fuel for up to 2 years and can help rejuvenate old, sub-spec fuel.
  • Cleans valves and injectors of carbon deposits, gums and varnish.
  • Concentrated formula.
  • Safe for use in all engines (including 2-cycle pre-mix).
Star Brite 093000N diesel additive
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