Shredder Buying Guide

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Shredder everywhere! You must buy a shredder

The scope of its service covers from details about customer, salaries of staff and other important documents, they are in danger of being fancied by scammers and criminals. Document shredding is not just for business owners but for home and other agencies. When leaving sensitive material exposed and un-shredded – any Tom, Dick and Harry can steal the data. In grave danger is medical information, personal or confidential letters, statements from the bank and utility bills if your name is on it, it’s worth shredding.


Always opt for the best shredder

From home shredder, to office shredder to heavy duty models, you can choose the best. Consider your choice for speed, capacity, lower & high and most of all the security it offers. If you have decided to buy a shredder as part of your domestic arsenal, go to a reliable office supply store or get information from online stores. Take time to consider which one of these types is for you.


Strip-Cut is a paper shredder that cuts paper into strips. This is an effective way to get rid of your unneeded documents and papers. Cross-Cut chops up the paper into little bits and voila they are gone for good. However, an improvement is recommended as it needs reassembling.


Micro-Cut is the holiday type as paper is turned into confetti that can be utilized as decors. There is no need to buy confetti’s when the office celebrates an event. Diamond-cut shredders make interesting diamond-shape clippings. These scraps are approximately four times larger than a micro-cut particle so if a smaller size is needed, use the other type.


Tips to buy a shredder


Tip #1: Choose the cut that answers your requirements.

From the four main variations; opt for a micro cut or cross or confetti cut that is is a perfectly a safe choice.

Tip #2: Size up your available space.

Available space can be a problem. If space is not a problem, buy a bigger bin with bigger capacity as less emptying means lesser hassle. If space becomes a problem, use a tape measure to determine the area.

Tip #3: Select your ideal sheet capacity.

How much space do you need? You will need a minimum 12- sheet capacity. For lots of document shredding, choose the longest time and affordable price range.

Tip #4: Paper and plastic

So many types of materials have to be cut. A shredder must be able to cut credit cards. The cross-cut or micro-cut models will do the job well.

Tip 5: Consider bonus features

Valuable bonus features “must have” on your shredder are safety sensors that auto-stop the machine when someone gets too close. There must be a technology to handle paper jams.


Buy only the best shedder machine for waste management and security because strip scanner can reconstitute documents shredded from poor quality office shredder.


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