Satellite Radio Buying Guide

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Satellite radios have been really popular in the years after it was first launched in the market. With its amazing capability of letting you enjoy listening to hundreds of radio channels via satellites, it is no wonder many really wants to get their hands on their own satellite radio.


With satellite radio, you can listen to now only music stations but also to channels on news, entertainment, sports, talk radio and more, all at crystal clear sounds. If you are interested in buying your own satellite radio, there must be a few things you want to know. This buyer’s guide will help you understand the basics of satellite radios.


Monthly Fees

Satellite radios have monthly fees. With SiriusXM, satellite radio packages range at about $11.00 to $20.00, but these prices are subject to change. The monthly fee is paid directly to the company of your chosen satellite radio.



One of the great things about satellite radios (SiriusXM) is that you can listen to music channels virtually without commercials. You will be able to listen to wide range of music genres including Hits, Decades, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Classical, Pop, Blues and more.


Quality of Sound

Listening to music through satellite radios, the sound is typically flawless and rich. There are no static unlike when you listen through a normal AM and FM signals. One thing you should know about satellite radios, however, is that the sounds can be affected if there are large objects that directly block the signal. As such, you can typically expect that when you drive through a tunnel or when you¡¯re in heavily dense woods, the satellite signal may deteriorate and so does the quality of the sound.


Choosing Satellite Radios

Satellite radios basically have the same functionalities. On that note, the real choice for users is whether you want a satellite radio that¡¯s portable or not. Following that, here are some options that might suit your specific needs.


Handheld Satellite Radios

This offers ultimate portability with most having a display that helps users search for their choices of tunes while at the same time letting you see information such as song title and artist.


In-Dash Satellite Radios

This radio receiver is perfect if you want to listen to music as pastime while driving or traveling in long distances. In-dash satellite radios stay in the car permanently.


Plug and Play Satellite Radios

This is satellite radio can only be used in a single device at a time, whether at home, in car or in the office. They often come in car or home kit that you can hook up to a device.


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