Safety Glasses Buying Guide

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Staggering statistics warn the need for eye safety

Statistics show that more than 700,000 Americans annually injure their eyes at work; another 125,000 injure their eyes at home while about 40,000 children and adults in the United States suffer eye injuries from sports.

However, this does not include thousands more eye injuries unreported. These figures emphasized that you need to wear safety sunglasses and protective goggles to safeguard your eyes in many situations.


Safety glass that’s best for you

Choose safety frames and lenses rated for high impact for it is the best for maximum protection. These safety glasses are made of polycarbonate lightweight comfortable materials available and come in attractive frames of wrap-style. For the greatest protection value, choose models that have the high impact rating of “Z87+” marking on the frame.

Z87.1-2010 is the full name of the standards used for safety glasses as a seal of approval. When you see the mark on one of your lenses, it means that the eye protector you’re about to slip on have been tested and found satisfactory.


Safety glasses differ from regular eyeglasses

Safety eyewear must conform to a higher standard of impact resistance than the regular eyeglasses that applies to both the lenses and the frames of safety glasses and safety goggles. Without considering size or durability of the frame and lenses, regular prescription eyeglasses are not qualified as safety glasses for they are not at par with specific criteria.


Types of safety glasses

Photochromic safety glasses have lenses that are designed to respond to UV light and change colors from tinted to clear within 35 seconds.

Warden safety glasses are glasses used in industries whether in construction to tree trimming or lawn work are different from conventional glasses as lenses are larger and wider.

Forensic glasses are a huge asset for investigators and for the right type of forensic glasses; you need to contact the manufacturing company.

Medical safety glasses keep the bad light and harmful rays out while sharpening vision; they can be purchased for quite a reasonable price.


Tips to clean safety glasses

1. Perform daily care to ensure that glasses remain uncompromised as dirty lenses reduce vision while scratched lenses can cause them to crack and break.

2. Wipe any debris and dirt from the protective goggles and rinse their protective eyewear under water or use a cleaning solution, specially designed to clean lenses.

3. Wearers should clean their safety glasses under lukewarm water and never to submerge the protective eyewear in water or place it under running water in the sink.

4. To clean the frames, use a toothbrush with soft bristles; use a soft fabric so never use a shop rag, paper towel, shirt, or facial tissue to clean the lenses.

5. An extra step to take to ensure the safety goggles remain in good condition is to clean them using a microfiber bag inside of the bag to clean the eyewear.

6. After use, place the safety glasses in a glasses case that came with it to protect the safety goggle from sustaining any scratches.

People who are working in many industries, as well as athletes have an elevated risk of sustaining an eye injury; however, neither is the general public exempted so everyone must purchase high quality safety sunglasses as protection from eye injuries.


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