Rowing Machine Buying Guide

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What a rowing machine is?

A rower or rowing machine simulates the action of rowing a watercraft and is a great way to exercise as well as a good training for rowers. Do you know that modern indoor rowers are often called ergometers? In reality, an ergometer is a device used for measuring the amount of work performed.


Rowing is the best exercise for

  • losing weight as lots of calories are burn rapidly;
  • Giving cardiovascular benefit as heart function increases and uses carbohydrates provided as energy for the exercise;
  • Toning muscle as rowing uses virtually every major muscle group in your body;
  • Reduces stress and eliminates feelings of depression due to the increasing amount of endorphins released in the body.


Before buying a rowing machine, consider

Why are you buying a rowing machine? If your reason to exercise and become physically fit, then you need it; however, you have to use it at least four times a week. If you find the exercise boring, buy a bicycle. If you have been using one in a gym and like the action, then that machine is expensive as it is a quality rower. If your budget is limited, you would not be able to buy quality rowing machine. With adequate budget, you can buy the type of rowing machine that suits your needs.


Rowing machine types

1. Air rowing machine is used to provide resistance. It creates an on-the-water feel and cost less and easier to maintain.

2. Hydraulic rower is the lowest priced but it is not as durable as the others. It is easily portable and runs quietly offering wide ranges of resistance to support all skill levels.

3. Magnetic rowing machine offers smooth & strong rowing stroke. It is affordable and has varying levels of features and quality.

4. Water rowing machine is the smoothest of all resistance types. It has a large water tank at the front of the machine with a fairly long seat rail.


Buy the best rowing machine

The best rowing machine is capable of training every muscle group in your body at the same time providing productive cardiovascular workout. Your workout time is maximized when upper and lower body exerts effort on the rower. The best value rowing machine workout for home use is a high-quality piece of equipment with reasonable cost. Buy rowing machine for convenience, when done fold the machine and store it out of sight. If you have no time to exercise, place the rowing machine in front of the TV to exercise as you relax in the evening.


Unbeatable features

The best pro rower must be able to provide your body a thorough and complete body workout. It also runs quietly, very smoothly and noise-free. Its performance compared its accuracy for others are unmatched. Also watch out for other features: backlit monitor is easy to read including the export drive port of USB flash drive and the data is easy to store. You can wirelessly monitor your heart rate while doing your workout. These are the features you should look for in the best and unbeatable rower for you!


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