Flying Disc Buying Guide

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There a number of different kinds of frisbees out there for each purpose. Frisbees for children are brightly colored and soft items, whereas those made for dogs are made of dog friendly colors and for greater sturdiness. Ultimate frisbee discs have a particular standardized requirement that is common for the sport. Here are the different kinds of frisbees you should know about before you go on to buy a frisbee online.


Toy Frisbees

Bright, playfully colored flying disk sets for children come in larger packs, enabling more engaging sessions of fun. The discs can be stacked on top of each other and put away easily, and set up for a continuous session of throwing and laughter. They are made of plastic and are extremely safe for children.

You can also find printed and creatively designed frisbees online to engage children with. You can find glow in the dark and flexible variants for younger children so that there is more to amaze them in each frisbee.


Dog Frisbees

These sturdy flying discs give your best friend one of the ultimate play options in the dog world. If you have an athletic dog, you can watch them time their jumps to perfection after a good training period to catch the frisbee in the air. Not only does it give you an exciting way to spend time with your dog, it also gives your pet the exercise and training that is so valuable for a strong relationship and bond.

These discs fly well and are puncture resistant, just to make sure your dog doesn’t finish them off within a single play session. The discs come in sets, so that you have replacement frisbees if your dog manages to chew through one of them.


Ultimate Frisbee

One of the most engaging beach sports to come out in the last few years, ultimate frisbee is a test of teamwork, timing, endurance and much more. You can buy ultimate frisbee grade frisbees online with the specific weight and dimensions for the sport. You can also buy merchandise from your favorite ultimate frisbee teams and internet celebrities.


Disc games

Games like disc golf are extremely popular among young adults. It is also a great stress buster at the workplace. You can find colour themed disc sets for these purposes along with markers for winning areas. Small discs are great for creating unique fun games for children and kinder gardeners. There are also buoyant frisbees that are perfect for play in the water either by the beach or in the pool. They make great photo props for diving and catching things in the pool.


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