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Since cash is out and credit card is in, you might as well have a mobile credit card reader. This amazing device has lots of functions: reads data from a storage medium and decodes information to a magnetic strip or microchip of a credit card. With this reader, you will know how good credit card purchases are available.

We announce latest rankings of best Credit Card Reader. We researched countless popular items & selected the Top 10. Before you buy, please check full rankings carefully for the best choice. Do not miss Credit Card Reader Buying Guide also.

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PayPal 4029USRTNRA Mobile Card Reader
PayPal 4029USRTNRA Mobile Card Reader is available on on iOS, Android and Windows. There is no long-term commitment – no monthly fees, cancelation fees, or processing minimums. It is just 2.7 percent per U.S. Card swipe.
  • Track cash payments.
  • Send invoices.
  • Live customer support.
PayPal 4029USRTNRA Credit Card Reader
Osayde MSR PRO USB Magnetic Card Reader
Osayde MSR PRO USB Magnetic Credit Card Reader has a unique portable elegant design that you can put anywhere. It can read, write/rewrite, erase, copy, compare, write from file, read to file, setup and change password.
  • Built-in over-voltage.
  • Anti-interference protection module.
  • LED lights indicate its working status.
Osayde MSR PRO
ETEKJOY MSR605X Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
ETEKJOY MSR605X is a new model of magnetic stripe card reader writer. It doesn't require an external power adapter. Both the communication with computer and the power supply are done via one USB cord.
  • With 20 blank cards.
  • With free software for both Windows OS and Mac OS.
  • 3-Tracks (Track 1, 2 & 3).
Deftun MSR90 USB Smart Magnetic Card Reader
Deftun MSR90 is a hand swipe operated magnetic card reading machine with USB interface, adopting high integrated magnetic card decoding chip. They have small electricity consumption and strong interference resistance.
  • Small footprint to fit in tight places.
  • Reads up to 3 tracks of information.
  • Bidirectional swipe reading.
Deftun MSR90 mobile credit card reader
ETEKJOY USB 3-Track MagStripe Card Reader
This credit card reader can read card bi-directionally, has intelligent lights to alert if card data is read correctly. It has a USB interface and adopts a high integrated magnetic card decoding chip. It has small electricity consumption and strong interference resistance.
  • Compact size.
  • Read high and low coercivity cards.
  • Two 3mm-diameter screw holes for fixing at the bottom.
ETEKJOY USB 3-Track MagStripe Card Reader
Deftun MSR605 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader
This is ideal for access control, time keeping, banking, ID recognition, credit verification and related applications. It is designed to offer a reading and writing solution of high and/or low coercivity cards that will attractively complement an existing system.
  • Works on Windows system.
  • Encode and verify up to 3 tracks of data simultaneously.
  • USB interface.
Deftun FBA_reader2504132
MagTek 21073062 Dynamag Magnesafe Reader
This credit card reader reads encoded data that meets ANSI/ISO/AAMVA standards and up to three tracks of card data. It has a secure red/green/amber LED for status. It is compatible with USB specification and HID specification.
  • Interfaces/ports: USB 2.0 USB and PS/2 keyboard wedge.
  • Contains a unique, non-changeable serial number which allows tracking each reader.
  • Encrypts all track data and the MagnePrint value.
MagTek 21073062 credit card swiper
2xhome POSMATE USB Mini Magnetic Card Reader
This credit card reader can read 1, 2, and 3 Tracks and compatible with IOS, ANSI and AAMVA including gift cards, drivers license, ATMs, etc. It works with all version of Windows or Mac. It has a USB interface.
  • Fully programmable card reader.
  • Simply plug and play.
  • Approximately 5ft (150 cm) cable.
2xhome OMEL-MR-PN-6707782
Square A-PKG-0206-01 Card Reader for iPhone
Square Reader is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and most Android devices. It can process Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express at a small percentage per swipe. You can manually enter card information as well.
  • Track your earnings and view your complete sales history from the app.
  • Swipe securely.
  • Send receipts customers keep.
Square A-PKG-0206-01 credit card scanner
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Credit Card Reader Buying Guide

 Why use credit card?

It was in the ‘50s when credit cards were introduced and today the marketing world relies in credit cards for most transactions. These charge cards are more convenient and safer to carry around than cash. Widely acceptable in almost all establishments, they are virtually indispensable for travel.