Reflective Gear Buying Guide

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Reflective gear comes in different colors, shapes and sizes. Depending on how reflective you need to be, there is something for you. Reflective jackets, suspenders, light packs, bands for the wrist, arm and ankles are usually among the items you will need as safety measures. It is important safety equipment, and here is how you should go about buying it.


Reflective gear for construction

The best and most trusted item is usually a reflective vest. It has the highest surface area of all the above mentioned items, and will reflect from a long way away once it has caught the light. Reflective suspenders are good if you are doing construction work of a relatively smaller scale, although a safety vest is the most ideal.


Reflective gear for water activity

Being out at sea, especially at night can be risky. If you need to keep a track of the people around you, as well as be scouted out in case of emergency, then good reflective gear is essential.

One of the advantages of safety vests is that they reflect light without a battery, meaning you do not need to worry about having charge in a tough spot. Reflective bands are also good for marking things that you need to see from far away.

You can also get inflatable safety vests with hi vis reflective surfaces on them, allowing you to float while being easily discoverable. In fact, these are a critical safety requirement for anyone who owns or uses a boat regularly in deep waters.


Reflective gear for exercise

With the busy schedules some people keep, night runs and cycling have become popular. As a safety precaution, many runners are strapping hi vis reflective lights to their backs, enabling motorists to see them from far away. This is all the more important considering how important music is to runners and cyclists.

The reflective bands and hi vis vests are important to keep safe in light of this, which is why they are so popular. The convenience of these items and the safety they offer make them almost necessary for people who are exercising outside at night.


Reflective Gear for marking

If you work outdoors on a farm or large estate, it can be difficult to navigate in the dark. Placing reflectors at recognizable points allows you to go about your business more easily. This is especially useful in emergency situations and when there is a blackout. In fact, in some places, reflective gear is deployed in key areas to help people during blackouts.


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