Camera Tripod Buying Guide

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Achieve a Thoughtful Approach in Photography

Today, both aspiring and professional photographers choose to invest on a durable and flexible tripod. In fact, the tripod market industry continues to grow with increased market share, revenue and sales from major travel tripod manufacturers. Ever wonder what’s behind the hype?


Sharp, High Quality and Professional Photographs

Flexible tripod is more than just a simple three-legged device that supports your camera or photographic equipment. A steady camera is often necessary for all kinds of photography in all circumstances. A travel tripod will allow your camera attain the perfect position to capture stunning images especially if you are taking action and close up shots.


Video tripod can noticeably minimize unwanted movements, make panning more fluid and dramatically help produce the sharpest image. For all these benefits and reasons, a video tripod becomes a necessity to achieve a thoughtful approach in professional photography.


The extreme versatility and countless benefits a camera stand provides make this equipment invaluable for many. If you are trying to take stunning and professional images, the camera stand lets you to concentrate on your subject and unleash your photographic skills knowing that your camera is both stable and in the perfect place. So, if you want to invest on a quality tripod but aren’t sure which one is the right for you, and then this article is a great place to start.


Buying the best tripod for you can be an overwhelming experience with all the choices of brands, types, materials and prices. These are the steps you can make to pick the right equipment for your needs.


Enjoy Extreme Versatility

Learn the basics. It doesn’t hurt to take some time and learn the basic components of a tripod system. By doing so, it allows you to set your expectations straight and make an informed decision. A camera stand is typically comprised of tripod legs, head, feet and center post. The legs are generally made of carbon fiber, basalt, aluminum and steel.


Choosing the right construction depends on your needs for durability and budget. The cheapest camera stand may have non-replaceable head while more expensive models are comprised with replaceable feet and modular tripod components for extreme versatility.


Professional photographers recommend choosing a stand that matches preferred weight, budget and height. When using a tripod that fits your height, you won’t have to bend to look through the viewfinder. When the viewfinder of your camera is at your level, it allows you to pan smoothly and take amazing images without a doubt. More so, you should choose the appropriate construction and tripod weight especially when you are planning to take the equipment with you on the road.


Buy a tripod that’s too heavy to carry and you’ll find yourself leaving this equipment at home. The lightest camera stand is made of carbon-fiber which is stable and extremely durable but may come with a high price tag.


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