Portable TV Buying Guide

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Birth of portable TV

The television is one of the most important inventions in the 20th century that revolutionized the way we disseminate information and entertain ourselves. As an essential doodad of modern man, the television has become the subject of major technological changes. And the portable TV is one of them.

This small television that you can carry around has been around since the 1970s but has since undergone much technological progress.


Types of Portable television

The term portable TV however is a general term that refers to any small and light weight TV that can be easily carried around compared to a regular TV which is usually fixed in a stationary place like the living room, bedroom or even the bathroom.

In which case, portable TV can include pocket televisions or those TVs that can fit in a pocket; handheld TV or those TVs are carried by hand to watch; and wearable TVs or those TVs that can be worn by the user such as a wristwatch TV.


Benefits of Portable television

Portability is the primary advantage of portable TVs. With this device, you can watch your favourite TV programs anywhere you go. When you need to stay glued at the TV while doing chores at home, you can practically take your portable TV in the kitchen, the toilet, the bedroom or in the yard while you work.

When you have an important live game in the TV you don’t want to, you can watch it on your way to work, at the office or wherever you go. During picnics, you can bring along your portable TV with HDMI at the park and relax watching TV outdoors. With a portable TV or handheld TV, you can enjoy watching beyond the comforts of your living room.


Technological improvements.

With the current trend of switching analogue into digital broadcasts, portable TVs have also evolved to be capable of receiving digital signals. These modern TVs use an LCD or LED monitor. To make them more portable, they can be shut or closed like a laptop.

Some portable television also comes with additional features to meet the demands of modern living. Portable TV with HDMI can be conveniently connected to a DVD player and a home theatre speaker system. And bingo, you’ll have a home theatre system or a videoke system that you can take anywhere.

Still others have built-in DVD players or radio system so that it acts as a radio at the same time. And with the advent of smart TVs, some portable televisions allow you to connect to the internet and watch or send videos online among others.


Factors to consider.

If you plan to purchase a portable TV, a major factor that you should consider is its antenna. The best choice would be the antenna that is most capable of receiving digital stronger for indoor and outdoor use.

Because of portability, the weight and size comes into the picture. Moreover, the battery life and direct electricity options should be ruminated. Finally, just like any TV, the standard qualities of image resolution, sound quality and input/ output functions should be considered.


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