Instant Coffee Buying Guide

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Do you enjoy the best sips from: instant espresso, Maxwell house coffee, organic instant coffee and Nescafe instant coffee? Well these are your instant coffees that are also called coffee powder, coffee crystals or soluble coffee. Instant coffee is a beverage derived from brewed coffee beans that people quickly prepare by just adding powder or crystals to hot water, stirring and voila! A steaming cup of coffee.


Instant coffee types

Freeze-dried instant coffee

This is the highest quality level of instant coffee that is made from Arabica variety considered as higher-quality coffee beans. It is a longer, solid piece of coffee what does not break or disintegrate when rolled between two of fingertips.


Spray-dried instant coffee

Spray dried coffee is the cheaper of the ‘high-end’ instant coffee’s. Spray-dried coffee textures vastly differ from other coffees and by rolling a granule between two fingertips, it reveals that the granule is not solid so it breaks and easily crumbles.



For those who cannot afford real coffee, chicory was designed and its advantage is that it is good for those with intolerance to caffeine altogether. Chicory coffee is derived roots of cultivated plant Cichorium Intybus Sativum that was roasted and grounded.


Enjoy the benefits of drinking instant coffee

There is low amount of caffeine in instant coffee but improves brain function, increases metabolism and helps burn more fat. Coffee decreases the risk of neuro- degenerative diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson; it also reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Both coffee and caffeine content in instant coffee minimizes the threat of liver diseases as cirrhosis and liver cancer. Coffee lowers the risk of depression and suicide. Drink instant coffee for longevity!


Buy the best instant coffee

The best place to start getting the best is the Organic Instant coffee as it leaves no acidic taste often found in most instant coffees, and allows you to enjoy a steamy and wonderful cup.

Maxwell House coffee is an American born brand that has served coffee-lovers for generations. Its high quality is the reasons why it has managed to remain on top of the market. Nescafe Instant coffee is both inexpensive and of high quality. It’s important to note down that not only does it cost less upfront, but also in the long run it requires only 6 ounces of coffee powder to fix a cup.


Drink Instant Coffee

For a quick, easy and hot beverage that doesn’t require a maker, go for Instant coffee. Aside from a longer shelf-life, it is much cheaper than regular brand. Therefore, it is the best option when you travel or on-the-road for days. Instant coffee has lesser caffeine and more acrylamide compared with regular coffee, and it had the same amount of antioxidants.

From an overall insight, instant coffee is a beverage that has low calories that offers more is health benefits as other types of coffee.


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