Ice Cream Machines Buying Guide

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Making a choice of machine

Other than price considerations, the type of machine also matters. As much as you can make ice cream with just a bowl, a whisk and a thermometer, there are better options in buying proper ice cream machines. There are two major options which you can consider:


Machines that come with a freezer bowl

This type of ice cream maker has an insulated bowl which you have to freeze for about eight to 24 hours before you start making your ice cream, a motorized mixer with which you’ll mix your mixture. This machine takes time but it costs less than the other type.


Machines that come with in-built freezer

Since a freezer already comes with the machine, your bowl is cooled down within minutes while you prepare your mixture. Depending on your desired texture for your ice cream, you can tweak the settings any way you want.


Other things to consider

You should note that the amount of ice cream you can make is not depend on how big the bowl is because the ability to mix ingredients is not determined by the size of the bowl either. So make sure you check the specifications of the machine you are about to buy to know how much ice cream you can make at once.

If you get an ice cream machine with a freezer bowl and you intend to make a lot of ice cream with it, this would be a very slow process. This is because you have to freeze the bowl first and it takes a long time to freeze the bowl.

So this means for every batch of ice cream that you make, you have to wait for about eight to 24 hours for the bowl to freeze so you can make another batch. In some models however, additional bowls come with them.

This problem is not present in ice cream machines with in-built freezers as you only have to spend a couple of minutes to make your next batch of ice cream.


How much space will you need for your Ice cream machine?

Although different models come in different models but the smallest ice cream machine can be the size of a kettle while the biggest can be as big as a food processor.

Most ice cream machines that come with freezer bowls have a diameter the size of a dinner plate so you need to make sure you will be able to fit the bowl into your freezer.

If you are opting for the in-built freezer models, be prepared to free up a lot of space in your kitchen as they are usually heavy, boxy and large.


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