GPS Watches Buying Guide

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GPS watches come with a wide variety of features that help you to track and monitor different variable while working out as well as throughout the day to help you stay in shape and motivated. With the help of this guide, you can select a GPS Watch that is perfect for you and has all the features that you need it to have.

The different criteria that you need to consider while selecting your GPS watch are style that you love, price range that you can afford, activities that you need to track and features that you want in it. We will discuss in detail all these criteria to help you get an understanding of them and finally aid you in the selection of the right smart watch.



There are various styles available in the market from the durable water-resistant bands to sleek square screen designs to slightly larger dials for easier to read screen. You have plenty of options and can find what you are looking for easily even online.



The range of price for the GPS watches varies from $200 and can go as high as $800 dollars depending on the features that you want the watch to have. The latest watches even support a touch screen and hence the hike in price.



Different watches are able to track different activities. Some of them can be used to just track running and walking. While others can track a lot more activities like biking, swimming, golfing, skiing, hiking, rowing and even kayaking. Basically, these watches can track anything that you do outdoors with the help of the advanced sensors that they use.



The major deciding criteria that will help to finally select the watch you desire is the features that it holds. The list of different features available in GPS watches is as follows:


  • Built-in GPS
  • Activity tracker to measure the calories burnt and the distance covered at any given time.
  • Water resistivity for sports like swimming.
  • Synchronizing feature to the wireless connection to automatically upload your progress and work-out details.
  • Battery life which is different for different models.
  • Elevate Wrist-based Heart rate technology for monitoring heart rate during workouts.
  • Smart notifications and auto sleep detection.
  • Bright outdoor readable displays.
  • Smart notifications and alarms.


You can select the desired features from the ever-increasing features of the GPS watches to select the ideal model for you.

With the help of this guide you will be able to make the perfect choice of the GPS Watch ideal for your daily workout and other activities tracking to keep you fit and motivated towards your fitness goals.


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