Fruit Snack Buying Guide

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Fruit snacks are on eof the most commonly and widely consumed snacks for kids. Despite being a kid’s favorite and liked by parents, many studies advis against the consumption of fruit snacks calling them ‘unhealthy’. The article intends to provide information regarding the main ingredients of the fruit snacks in order to put all the misconceptions regarding fruit snacks to rest. Following is a list of ingredients fruit snacks are made up of..


Juices from concentrates

The process of making juice basically involves the removal of excess water leaving behind the original juice which is thicker, sweeter, and more concentrated. The concentrated juice is then compressed which may result in loss of some nutrients. The final is similar to the original fruit but more sweet since it is more concentrated.


Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is highly concentrated sweetener since it is made up of glucose and fructose.


Corn Starch (Modified)

This is a chemically modified version of corn starch which dissolves easily as compared to the original corn starch and acts as a thickener or stabilizer. Children with gluten allergies are recommended to avoid fruit snacks with modified corn starch and opt for gluten-free ones.


Fruit Purees

The most common fruit purees used for fruit snacks are of strawberry, orange, raspberry, and grapes. Fruit purees are added to fruit snacks to enhance sweetness and flavor. The fruit purees which include both the fruit and peel are sources of soluble and insoluble fiber which are beneficial for digestion and maintaining blood sugar level.



Gelatin is made of a collagen found in the bones of cattle and skin of skin. Gelatin acts as a gelling agent, thickener, and emulsifier. Gelatin is one of the most common ingredients of candies and many diary products also.


Natural Flavor

Natural flavor is added to the final products or foods that have lost their original flavor after going through several process such as freezing, dehydrating or even canning.


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is used in fruit snacks because it is made of medium chain triglycerides which can be easily metabolized and dissolved as compared to long chain ones. In simpler words, these fatty acids have health benefits if used in the right amount.


Carnauba Wax

Crnauba wax is dervied from the palm tree leaves. Carnauba wax is added to avoid clumping in powdered food. It is also added to many baked good and even some cosmetics as well.
Lactic Acid: Lactic acid is normally added to fruit snacks to act as a flavoring agent or a preservative. Natural fermentation in products such as cheese, soy sauce, yogurt etc results in the production of lactic acid.


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