Glue Gun Buying Guide

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Who needs glue guns?

Glue guns are necessary tools used in making recreational decors, retail manufacturing, shipment & packaging and woodworking. For bonding purposes, it is practical to have glue gun in the tool box at home.


Effective use of glue gun

Heat proof trays and counters are used in working with glue gun, as hot drips of the adhesives are melting when too much force is applied to the glue. A major factor in the post hot melt glue gun application process is temperature. When glue is exposed to too much light or heat, it will melt; whereas exposure to too cold temp will make the glue brittle. It is essential to select the proper gun model type for different applications.


At 250 degrees, glue guns at low temp will melt and are appropriate for materials that are delicate. High temp guns can reach 400 degrees and are only applied to more durable or “solid & hard” materials. Manufacturers today knew this predicament and have produced models with dual temperature for multiple projects.


Use these hacks to get the most out of your glue gun

A glue gun has several uses that may surprise you. It can be used as super-fast for DIY frame.- for your certificates, photos, diplomas, etc. Create your personal seal using a glue gun as well as assembling small models so they will not get lost and attaching under cabinet lighting. Connects decorative copper pipe and attach decorative knobs using a glue gun.


Glue gun works well of woods: holds wood together for template cutting; setting wires on wood; attaching fabric to wood; and setting magnets in wood. Make soft painting pyramids using glue guns, You can water proof LED lights well with glue gun.


Tips in using glue gun

  • Never touch hot glue!
  • Remember that glue gun is placed right beside the object only utilized small amount of glue. Lay the trigger off, pull sideways the tip just a little bit to cover the glue then pull away.
  • Warm up the glue gun fully before using it. The better the glue will work when it is very hot!
  • Before going to the next project, let the glue dry fully. Hot glue dries quickly, but not that fast.
  • Consider your materials before starting to glue. Use the right temperature and when in doubt, test hot melt glue gun first!


Features of best glue guns for crafts

1. Temperature: Keep a consistent temperature in heating the glue when applying smoothly to the crafts that you are doing.

2. Durability: Use advanced engineered plastic that is lightweight but can provide a longer lasting body.

3. Versatility: Opt for the hot glue gun that you can easily switch between using different sizes of glue sticks and be sure to provide a bigger larger base for gun sticks taken to the gun.

4. Trigger control: You must have a trigger control ergonomics design that will enable you to control of the flow of the glue coming out.


Nothing beats hot melt glue gun when it comes to arts & crafts and quick, easy patch-ups. While it does not the strongest hold, it is useful to stick together other types of materials compared with other glue. Using a glue gun is a breeze as long as you follow a few basic steps and keep safety guidelines in mind.

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