Glue Gun Top 10 Rankings

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Utilizing and dispensing hot melt adhesives, this portable device is called a hot glue gun. It has thermoplastic mucilage and often sold in the market as cylindrical and solid sticks having different dimensions made for sticking objects together.

We announce latest rankings of best Glue Gun. We researched countless popular items & selected the Top 10. Before you buy, please check full rankings carefully for the best choice. Do not miss Glue Gun Buying Guide also.

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Surebonder DT-280F Dual Temp Std Glue Gun
Surebonder DT-280F Dual Temperature Standard Glue Gun is designed to ensure safety, peace of mind, and consumer confidence. It delivers 50 percent more power than standard glue guns and features a revolutionary auto shut off.
  • Ergonomic rubber trigger and handle design.
  • Side fins allow the gun to lay safely on its side, preventing glue back up.
  • Detachable, sturdy wire stand.
Surebonder DT-280F Glue Gun
PAM HB220 220W Adjustable Temp Glue Gun
PAM HB220 is a professional grade adhesive system designed for all day use in a variety of flooring installation, remodeling, and repair applications including carpet tack strip installation, hardwood flooring start and finish rows, floor transition strips, interior wood trim, moldings, and more.
  • Reaches maximum temperature in 5 minutes or less.
  • Adjustable trigger maximizes output and reduces fatigue.
  • Proprietary drip-free nozzle.
Surebonder PRO8000A 180W Glue Gun
Surebonder PRO8000A features dual 180 watt heaters that allows quick warm up time of only 2 minutes. Its ergonomic designed trigger allows less effort by the user while operating the gun.
  • Heat resistant nozzle cover.
  • Stroke adjustment screw.
  • Extended metal stand.
Surebonder PRO8000A
LAOPAO S-802 100/60W Dual Power Glue Gun
LAOPAO S-802 100/60W Dual Power Glue Gun is ideal for use in home, office, school and factory craft projects, including metal, wood, glass, card, plastic, leather, ceramics, and so on. It includes 15 pieces environmental-friendly glue sticks.
  • Built-in safety fuse.
  • Heats up in 3-5 minutes.
  • Can work for a long time in high pressure and temperature without deforming.
LAOPAO S-802 hot glue gun
Surebonder PRO2-220 220W Industrial Glue Gun
Surebonder PRO2-220 220W Industrial Glue Gun is designed for high volume applications. It delivers approximately 5 pounds of glue per hour with 220 watts of heating power. It features a stainless steel heater with an adjustable temperature control from 220° F to 420° F.
  • Lighted On/Off switch.
  • Two nozzles with protective heat resistant nozzle covers.
  • Double insulated grounded cord.
Surebonder PRO2-220
MELTOX Dual Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit
This glue gun's dual wattage option makes it a low temperature glue gun and high temperature glue gun in one. The minimum 60 watts if for light craft work and the maximum 100 watts is for big projects.
  • Built in stand.
  • Sealing wax compatible.
  • Includes free E-book.
MELTOX Dual Watt Glue Gun
Crenova 100W Hot Glue Gun
Crenova 100W Hot Glue Gun is widely used in industry, home, arts & crafts for handicrafts, card production, holiday decorations, jewelry and toys repair, DIY or school projects, electronic circuits.
  • Upgraded copper nozzle.
  • Smart Temperature Control prevents overheating.
  • Easy squeeze trigger.
Crenova Crenova hot melt glue gun
Adhesive Technologies 0189 Pro200 Industrial
Adhesive Technologies 0189 Pro200 Industrial Glue Gun is one of the best glue gun around. This heavy duty glue gun offers 200 watts of heater power and can deliver up to 3.5 pounds of glue per hour.
  • Interchangable nozzles.
  • Comfortable 4 finger trigger.
  • 3 minute warm up time.
Adhesive Technologies 0189
Blusmart 20W Mini Hot Glue Gun
Blusmart 20W Mini Hot Glue Gun great for use in home, office and school DIY projects including metal, wood, glass, card, fabric, plastic, ceramics and so on. It comes with 25 pieces hot melt glue sticks, which are super strong adhesive.
  • Safety and comfortable power switch with LED light mode.
  • High quality.
  • Durable.
Blusmart 20W Mini Hot Glue Gun hot glue
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 Who needs glue guns?

Glue guns are necessary tools used in making recreational decors, retail manufacturing, shipment & packaging and woodworking. For bonding purposes, it is practical to have glue gun in the tool box at home.