Hair Building Fiber Buying Guide

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For thicker and fuller hair

This is a great booster for those people who are getting worried about losing and thinning hair. Hair building fibers instantly give your hair that thicker and fuller look. It is safe, natural, and undetectable as it improves the appearance of thinning hair without using harmful drugs, chemicals, or surgery. Made from pure organic Keratin Protein; it is the same protein found in human hair.


How it works

Charged with static electricity, hair fibers intertwine with natural hair and are bonded securely. After shaking fibers on hair, they remain in their places all day, and night. Electro-statically charged, these tiny microfiber hairs form a magnetic attraction with the existing hair – no matter how thin – and blend perfectly concealing all traces of balding and thinning hair in matter of seconds.


3 steps to a fuller hair

Step 1: Wash hair then dry. Shake fibers liberally all over thinning areas. You can gently shake, sprinkle or tap fiber’s bottle at holding about 45 degrees, it 3 inches above your thin areas to dispense its content.

Step 2: Gently apply the fiber, pat the hair and if necessary disperse again the hair fibers evenly within the entire hair.

Step 3: Spray hair again to secure the fibers.


Hair fibers are not for hair regrowth

Hair fibers are not intended to regrow hair. But they help to contribute to growing healthier and stronger hair. Products from hair fiber contain ingredients that are all-natural and organic that promotes healthy scalp.


Advantages of using hair fibers

  • It blends perfectly with natural hair, leaving the undetectable finish
  • Remains intact throughout the day in all weather conditions; wind, sweat, and rain
  • Easily washed with shampoo if desired
  • Suitable for all hair textures and colors


Hair Fiber Spray Applicator

One way to apply hair building fiber is to use spray applicator. It is one of the best ways because hair fiber spray will evenly distribute building fiber on the head simply without much fuss.


Hair fiber powder for areas of thinning hair.

Hair fibers are primarily used for improving the appearance of your hair for them hiding balding effectively. Hair fiber powder offers immediate hair coverage for the thin hair, giving it a thicker look in seconds. They are best ways for both men and women who are starting to experience thinning and hair loss.


Best advice for those taking the rogaine or propecia medications for balding and hair loss is always in powder form for light, bouncy and it easily adds hair volume up.


Where to find hair fibers

For all-natural, organic hair fibers can dramatically improve the appearance of your hair. There are different types and brands of hair fibers, manufactured in the U.S. Completely safe with no harsh chemicals; they provide instant results, improving the appearance of both the volume and density of your hair. You can find these products in many department stores and can purchase online at Amazon Com.


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