Garment Steamer Buying Guide

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Know your garment steamer

The floor model was originally used to eliminate creases from new clothes displayed or worn by mannequins in shop windows; a compact handheld steamer is use when traveling to eliminate clothes wrinkles and a garment steamer tool used integral part of a steam cleaner. All three types are commonly used at home but compact model is very popular for its portability.


Gone are the days when granny has to use steam iron to press clothes. Today, the common steam iron has been replaced by garment steamer as it is faster and a better pressing alternative for clothes. No need to use an iron board as a fabric streamer presses clothes right on the hanger. Garment steamers are so versatile that it also freshens and removes dust mites from other clothing items as in draperies, mattresses and upholstery.


Find the best clothes steamer to buy

A fabric steamer can be very handy. There are some things you can find in a good steam iron. Look for one with the capability of reaching particular heat temperature with lots of power. Get one with an attachment to hang your clothes while you are getting off its wrinkles. Determine the best one to buy if you are traveling. The steamer you are looking for should not require a large amount of wattage to economize your expenses. This best steamer is portable and a lighter version of the heavy duty steamers that help you deal with your wrinkled clothes.


Your secrets are out

Secret #1– It removes grease and grout that had caked onto your pan after a cooking marathon. Like a magic wand, aim the steamer and viola! It is clean!
Secret #2– Sanitizes countertops by killing 99.9% of bacteria and germs.
Secret #3 – Defrosts your freezer. If you want to to clean out your freezer, you may use clothes steamer and ASAP no more ice and that’s goods news!
Secret #4 – Dry clean at home. Let iron steamer give your furniture and clothes high-standard cleaning, without bringing them outdoor.
Secret #5 – Remove carpet stains using your clothes steamer! It’s simple, just direct the nozzle of the steamer towards the stain and watch as is loosens up.
Secret #6 – Clean your car. Give your car a once over with the hand steamer to refresh the upholstery, and wipe away any stains or spills.


You need a garment steamer

Aside from the ease of hand held garment steamers – you haven’t truly discover much of its worth until you’ve travelled with one. You will know that hand steamer is a much quicker option than the good old iron. Leave granny with her old iron. With this wonderful gadget, there’s no need to tangle with your ironing board for the sake of just one crinkled party dress.


Buy your steam iron today and enjoy the ease of managing your clothes in any location. As a very versatile gadget, clothes steamer wears many hats. It is available online at the home department of shops like Amazon, Wal-Mart and others.


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