Eye Liner Buying Guide

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Fast facts about eyeliners

Men long ago in the past actually used to accent their eyes with a black dark color serving its original function to protect eyes from the sun god, as well as to ward of the “evil eye.” A recent study conducted in Great Britain concluded that one in every10 Brit guys was wearing makeup like concealer, lip balm and eyeliner!


An article published by Eye and Contact Lens journal, stated that applying eyeliner to your waterline is a health risk to your vision as makeup would flow into your sensitive eyes. The waterlines are area where your eyelids meet eyes when they are closed or it is the area in the midst of the base of your actual eyeballs and your lashes.


Eyeliner for lovely eyes

Your eyes are the window to our soul so use some well applied eyeliner to serve as an excellent window frame to enhance, define and give your eyes more structure. The result of all these enhancements is a lovely pair of eyes.


Types of eyeliners

1. Liquid eyeliner is the most difficult to apply, as it needs your hands to be steady however the effect of liquid eyeliner is great that gives you a neat, steady hard looking line or a dramatic aura. Remember that the key in using liquid eyeliner is to keep your low your eyelid or closed your eyes until it dries.


2. Pencils are the fave of many women as it is easy to apply and are perfect for creating a smoky and smudged look by following your waterline; but always remember to your pencil.


3. Gel or cream eyeliners are often used by makeup artists or professionals; however, gel eyeliner is very easy to blend as it creates the best smoky look. This eyeliner’s formula is like the cream one and it easily glides but it quite difficult to smudge: its advantage is that it lasts much longer on the eyes.


4. Powder is used as eyeliner by wetting the wet tip of the brush and dampened with eyeshadow powder and applied around the contours of the eye. The powdered kohl eyeliner product comes in a loose and very black shadow.


Why use eyeliner?

Eyeliner if properly applied will add beautiful impression on a woman’s face as well as make your eye lines firmer while giving your face that fresh look as it covers tired and sleepy eyes and gives you that natural look. Without even eyeshadow, eye shape will be more assertive when wearing eyeliner.


Eye mascara and eyeliner

You can define your eyes using liquid eyeliners, gel eyeliners, pencil eyeliners and they come in different colors. Mascara is useful to darken, define, enhance, lengthen and thicken the eyelashes. You can buy in the form of cake, cream or liquid — modern mascara products have similar basic ingredients of oils, pigments, preservatives and waxes.


Best eyeliner for you

The most easily to apply is the pencil eyeliner, but unlike gel does not spread out as evenly or densely like gel or liquid liners that are muted and slide on easily when applied. Gel comes in a little pot with a brush. Try to test which type brings out the beauty of your eyes!


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