Longboard Skateboards Buying Guide

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Crossover the Wide-Ranging Options

A longboard skateboard is a trendy and exciting equipment everyone is dreaming of having. Its life started around 1965 in Hawaii along with the first every commercial skateboard. In different countries, a longboard is popularly known as sidewalk surfing among teens and surfers.


In early 1990 manufacturers began selling and mass producing longboards using the truck technology to make the equipment stable. This eventually leads to the longboarding sport gaining audience and popularity. Today, longboards are synonymous with other skateboard equipment but they are generally longer than the standard ones.


Longboard generally comes in the different construction, features, and shapes designed to suit various abilities and riding styles. With today’s overwhelming options of longboards in the market, choosing the right longboard deck for you is not easy as you originally thought. There are various crossovers between high-quality decks and riding styles to see which equipment will fit you.


High Quality Construction for Exceptional Riding Experience

Longboard decks are built from a variety of construction. One of the most common materials for longboard decks is maple wood. This wood is known for being durable and enduring which remain reliable. Bamboo decks are also becoming widely popular because they are amazingly lightweight and provides more flexibility than maple longboard decks.

Longboard made from bamboo is ideal for carrying, cruising the busy street and exceptional riding experience. Longboard made from carbon fiber construction will allow you to push off your start line more quickly and slide effortlessly. This is the most preferred option by pros/expert riders and they are the most expensive construction for a longboard deck.


Longboard Decks by Ability Level and Riding Styles

Cruising and Carving are the factors that will typically come to mind when choosing the right longboard deck. You will have the classic pintail shape option which was made popular in the 1990s by Sector 9. This is a great find for campus cruisers and carvers who are looking for fun and lively feel as they make their way down the mellow hill.


The classic pintail is the most in demand and highly popular longboard shape. Additionally, manufacturers incorporate creative tweaks to the classic shape for drop through and top mount options for serious longboard riders.


Another factor you should consider when selecting a longboard deck is to determine the user’s ability level. By shredding your ability level in using longboard decks it allows you to make an exceptional riding experience. The board’s flex, mounting type, and overall shape are designed for specific riding style and ability.


For example, there is high-quality longboard equipment that is designed for freeride longboarding and they require skilled board control. Therefore, these longboard decks are only appropriate for expert riders.


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