Dry Shampoo Buying Guide

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What is dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo, also known as waterless shampoo is a powder that absorbs excess grease and dirt oil that is applied to the hair without wetting the hair.


How do I apply dry shampoo?

Natural dry shampoo is sprayed on hair divided in sections about two inches apart, work down from the parting to the nape. Hold the nozzle eight inches away from the hair but do not focus on one area for long, to avoid building up of product. After hair is evenly spritzed with the dry shampoo, massage it into your scalp making sure it’s all rubbed in and evenly distributed.


Dry shampoo benefits

1. No need to wash your hair every day; simply apply dry shampoo and it will do its job of absorbing excess oils and bad smells.

2. A single spray adds hair volume; hit the roots first, and then finish it off by spraying it all over for additional texture and volume.

3. It helps lock in your hair when you backcomb by spraying dry shampoo on the section and then backcomb it to help lock in the tease.

4. When you’re doing an updo style, bobby pins don’t slip out of your hair when spray them all over with dry shampoo to give them some grip first.

5. It adds a subtle hold to your hair as dry shampoo gives you that touchable hold that you can still runs your hair through.

6. Don’t spray dry shampoo all over your bangs, to keep it from sticking to your forehead just spray underneath as it is the most important part.

7. It helps conceal dark roots if you’re a blonde as you can use powder dry shampoo for dark hair to cover them up.


How dry shampoo works

The alcohol or starch in dry shampoo works simply: it soaks up the excess oil and grease in your hair giving it a cleaner and fresher appearance. In the past, corn starch was shaken into the hair to absorb oil and grease which gave the same effect; in the present, dry shampoo is delivered to the hair via an aerosol spray.

Dry agent cleans the hair by removing the scalp’s collection of chemicals and pollutants coming from the air and as well as cosmetic care products. There is also dry shampoo for dark hair to conceal dark hair roots for the blonde.


Dry shampoo is best for you

Do not let greasy hair ruin your day! Use this awesome waterless shampoo as one more tool in your beauty arsenal and your most innovative and essential steps to add to your hair regimen. Dry shampoo is a product that is meant to be used in between your regular hair washes.

You should purchase a bottle of dry shampoo for yourself! Natural dry shampoo will revitalize your hair and give you the clean and volume that you need.


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