Cell Phone Solar Charger Buying Guide

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Own a prize winning device

Winning first place at “EU Sustainable energy week” in the consuming category, the solar phone charger is proud of its achievement. And it will be good news to all if solar charger will be made available free to the public if ever it is permanently installed in public places for people to use in the streets, park and public squares. Some mobile phones models today utilized solar charger that are available commercially for cellphone models of GSM.


Your shape and configuration

Solar battery charger is available in varied shapes and configurations and found on the outer surfaces are the solar cells and within the folding and rotating types is a nickel metal hydride battery. For much higher current charge while maintaining designs that are compact size and current, opt for the fold-out design that is best for it is capable of charging a modern smartphone in just 3 hours.


Enjoy solar charger upsides

For eco-conscious consumers, it is a great boon as you’ll be able to charge your gadgets without using sockets. Within 2-3 hours in any place where there is sun, a portable solar charger can charge your gadget quickly. Price wise, it is affordable and its life span is as long as 5 years.


There are also downsides

Workability of the charger depends when there is the sun and the charge is not accumulated. It is a fact that after sunset, the battery gets low. This rule is obviously inapplicable to the power banks. Sometimes, larger solar panel charger has to be unfolded in order to be connected to your gadgets.


Solar charger to survive in summer must be:

1. Water resistant for the coming summer rain anything wet can destroy any gadget, so it’s being resistant to water is the most important requirement.

2. Having different interfaces compatible with other gadgets as an Android smart phone, a digital camera or an iPad, as carrying around three different chargers is very inconvenient. That’s why you opt for extended compatibility, solar phone charger model.


3. Portability so the charger is more flexible, thin and ergonomic for the better is the solar panel charger could be easily carried around. Flexible models are better choices for they won’t break down after falling on the ground.


4. Price of any gadget is always a big question. If you want to save then buy the cheap kind. Price is a complicated matter and everything, as usual depends on your personal finance.


Cell phone solar charger really works

For some years, you have heard of solar battery charger but it still feels more like a gadget of the future when a phone draws power only from the sun. The feeling becomes even more futuristic when you plug it into a portable solar charger that actually gets power: it is capable of holding power and able to charge devices even when not under the sunlight for the charger is actually a 5.5-watt solar panel and battery. When nothing’s plugged in, the power gets stored for later.


Buy now for your own convenience

Gadgets come and go but this one is pretty good especially when power can be a problem. Visit big online suppliers like Amazon.com for the best model.


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