Leggings Buying Guide

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Leggings was men’s wear

While leggings are now more popular known as a woman’s clothing, they were actually designed originally as a men’s wear during the early 19th century. Today however, leggings are used by modern women not only to protect and cover their legs from cold and other dangers.

High waisted leggings for instance are used to tighten and support a woman’s wombs and belly. It has also become a popular fashion clothing to show off a woman’s perfect body contour and best assets. It has become a common outfit for women while at relaxing or dozing around at home. It provides full cover to your legs for warmth especially during winter.


Types of leggings

Leggings for women come in different types depending on length, purpose and design which have different purposes. For instance, ankle-length leggings are worn above the ankles. Knee-Length Leggings stretches just up to below the knee, which are often used for working out and jogging.

Stirrup leggings have straps under the foot to keep the clothing tight and in place. High-waisted leggings like maternity leggings for pregnant women cover the hip area up to the belly button to provide support. Footed leggings are like tights which provide warmth. Jeggings are jean-like leggings hence the name.

Leather leggings are leather made and usually comes as black leggings which are popular among rock stars. In terms of design, there are printed leggings, colored leggings, Capri leggings and striped leggings among others.


Benefits of Leggings

Because of its flexibility that allows for free movement and stretching, it has become the ideal clothing when exercising, yoga, jogging and doing other work out activities. Some leggings are made with special fabric that helps people sweat more to burn fats faster.

The light and compressed properties of leggings make it an ideal travel clothing because it easily fits to a small bag. Leggings for women especially help protecting women’s privates especially when wearing very short skirts or long tops. Wearing them allows women to move with less worry of getting victimized by prying voyeurs.

High waisted leggings help women who are pregnant to get support in the wombs. Other women used type of leggings to hone their bellies to look sexier. Leggings help to flaunt women’s curves to highlight their appealing legs and buttocks. Black leggings are especially alluring to men.

As a fashion wardrobe, it can be combined with tops, shirts, skirts and others for a chic look. Finally, leggings come in different colors, designs and patterns for a different fashion styles and looks.


How to choose the right leggings

Like any other clothing garment, the size of the leggings for women is one major things to consider when buying one. You should find the size that provides the perfect fit for you. Leggings that are too tight would make you look like a frisky woman. Leggings that are loose makes you look like a saggy slipshod.

The fabric material to make the leggings should be durable in order to prevent wardrobe malfunctions when you stretch or move without stinting. Finally, the design of the legging would depend on your preference and style. In line with this, black leggings never go out of style.


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