Bubble Machine Buying Guide

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Battery- or AC-powered

This bubble machine comes with an AC adapter which is something pleasing— as no one wants it to be consuming a lot of batteries. On the other hand, a battery-powered machine will allow you to carry it with you almost anywhere. It can even be used in a park or in a lawn when having an outdoor event. The Co-Z Portable Automatic Bubble Machine Maker also has a fuse built in to keep it safe from any damage to the device that could be caused by a power surge.


Serviceable parts

The parts of the bubble machine are replaceable, this characteristic will prove to be very convenient in case the machine needs to be fixed. There are some chances that the motor of one of the bubble wands might break down. Some work on no more than a computer fan.


Noise factor

Bubble machines can be louder than you think. In most cases, a normal bubble machine makes a sound as loud enough as a celling whereas some others are either louder or silent. Silent stage bubble machines cost more so depending on where you’ll be using it plays a crucial role in picking out the right one for you.


The number of wands

The more the number of the wands, the more bubbles the machine will produce in a single spin.

Dual-fan system

Bubble machines with an additional feature of a secondary fan can also be found which propel the bubbles to go higher in the air.


Some models feature a remote control system which allows you to turn the machine on and off and control it through a remote control. (But these machines are on the expensive side—around $180. Simpler designs go for as little as $40.)


Number of bubbles per minute

You’ll probably want a machine that produces a greater number of bubbles than the rest. A machine which completes around 18-22 revolutions per minute will produce hundreds of bubbles. Even a small machine, such as the Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine, is also able to produce around 500 bubbles/minute.


Bubble Machine Solution

Generally, the bubble solution is prepared using a mixture of liquid soap, glycerin, and water. The solution can also be prepared at home by mixing these ingredients together, but it might not give you the same results as a commercial mixture. Commercial bubble machines with a high power range require specifically a strong bubble solution to deliver the best results.

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