Cat Flea & Tick Control Buying Guide

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Flea bites and what they do

Flea bites are uncomfortable and itchy for pets are hypersensitive to flea saliva and cause an allergic reaction. These pests are disease-carriers to your pet. So bring you pet to the vet for help. No matter how clean you keep your kitty, they still occasionally pick up a flea or ticks pest. One flea on your cat can build up to hundreds of eggs. Find a flea killer to prevent this from happening.


Flea treatments

Fortunately, there are many options available to keep your family safe. If one flea treatment for cat does not work, find another that is effective. Never use dog flea control on a cat.


What flea treatment is the best?

1. Use a flea collar that provides a constant flow of flea preventative passing through your pet’s neck. Most collars are working for several months.

2. Oral flea medication is flea medicine that works from the inside out and should be given to your cat monthly for the best flea control.

3. Topical solutions are liquids or creams typically applied on one area of your cat and can last for a month before having to be reapplied. They are good flea control for cats.

4. Apply flea sprays directly onto your cat. Flea killer sprays can be effective for longer than 30 days.


Ticks and your cat

The small blood sucking insects called ticks bury their mouth in the cat’s skin. If there is tick found on your cat’s body, pluck it out immediately. To do this, use a pair of forceps or tweezers to grasp the tick at the skin line then throw into the flame. Physical removal of ticks is the best way to control them.


Tick treatment

Buy an OTC medication that is used for controlling both fleas and ticks. Also give your cat once a month a flea prevention pill actually for small dogs. Bath your cat with shampoo containing medicated ingredients to kill ticks upon contact. Concentrated chemical applied to the animal’s fur with a sponge or poured over the back is a tick dip.


Use collars that repel ticks are an additional preventive you can use. Applying tick powder is an effective method for killing and repelling ticks from your pet. To reduce population of fleas and ticks, always keep your bushes, lawn and trees trimmed back. Check your cats for ticks and keep them indoors.


Flea treatment for cats as well as ticks by regular visits to the vet and treating both your pet and your home are best solutions to flea and tick problems. This may need to be done all year round if your home is centrally heated.


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