Camping Coolers Buying Guide

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How to pick Camping Coolers?

Nowadays, we all want to step away from the busy city life. What we can do is to pick Camping Coolers that work very well and which adapt to our day to day life. With that in mind, there are some incredible and interesting options. Here you have some ideas on how you can find the right one for you!



In the case of Camping Coolers, size is a very important feature. Some people want to carry their cooler with them, others will bring it with a car. Plus, you have to identify how much stuff you want to carry around in it. There are models which support 33qt, others go up to 150 qt. So yes, you do have a multitude of interesting options that you can explore here. Figure out what you want to carry and then you can pick the right model. However, don’t opt for the larger models unless you need them.



Most of the modern Camping Coolers are created from poly nowadays. It’s a good material and it is pretty durable. Molded construction is a standard at this point, so you have to go with it. But there are metal coolers too. Yes, these have a vintage look, but they can be pretty expensive.


Bottom drain

Some of the best coolers have a bottom drain. This will allow you to get the melted ice water out of your cooler. Plus, this is actually a mandatory thing to have for a quality cooler.



You will find Camping Coolers that have handles on each end, while others have a single handle. It may matter quite a lot if you want to opt for the larger models.



In those situations when you have a cooler top which is hinged, a proper latch will be very important to have.


Lid gasket

This one is designed to maintain an air-tight seal. As a result, ice will last for a lot more time in there. The more expensive models have a gasket, but these are the ones that will give the best value.


Ribbed bottom

In all honesty, this is a premium feature and most Camping Coolers don’t really need it. But it can come in handy, since it allows water to drain under the food. So, your food will still be fresh when the water drains.



Do you want to carry the Camping Coolers around with you? Or will you just put it in your car and get it off when you reach the destination? Camping Cooler wheels are not mandatory, they are very subjective and it’s up to you if you need them.


In case you want to get a Camping Cooler, make sure that you stick to these great ideas listed here. You will be quite impressed with how much value you can get for your money. All you have to do is to shop properly and results can be extraordinary!


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