Camera Strap Buying Guide

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Why you need a camera strap?

As a substitute for your hands, a camera strap also performs other tasks even when there is no surface is available to rest the camera. Straps make sure that your equipment is safe, stays in your hands, never falls accidentally and crashes into pieces so you probably wouldn’t mind spending your extra bucks to ensure its safety.


Camera straps minimize pains in your neck and hand allowing you longer hours to work. With a camera strap, the crowd will make way as they realize your role and give you space to take pictures. steer clear of your way. It is sort of identity badge signals your significant profession. Straps double as tools to stabilize the camera when a tripod is unavailable.


The type of strap for you

1. Camera Neck Strap – This is made of made of a durable synthetic material that goes with every DSLR camera.

2. Artisan Neck Strap – This is a well- made, beautiful camera straps made from varied materials like knit cloth, leather, scarves, silk, etc.

3. Sling Strap – This type is highly recommended by pros for it carries well a full day shooting.

4. Hand Strap – This strap is ideal if you have an assistant for lighting and posing or you are doing street photography; make space for you to take pictures.

5. Camera Wrist Strap – This type is a thicker strap and is easy to adjust and secure on the wrist. It can be a more affordable option to keep your camera secure.

6. Double Camera Strap – This is a heavy duty trap the best solution for carrying around heavy weight.

7. Holster Strap – This is your type of strap is you need to have free hands as it keeps your camera tucked securely by your side for it provides easy access and it also frees your shoulders from the weight.


How to care for a camera strap

The first to do is to make sure that the strap is correctly attached to your camera. Cleaning is a must so you need a damp cloth to clean the canvas strap of your camera but if it is really soiled, remove from the hardware and let the strap sit in a cleaner for an hour before rinsing and air dry for the best result.


If you have leather camera strap, you need to care for it as carefully as you would your favorite boots. A leather camera strap needs care and maintenance like any fine leather product.


Camcorders straps

Portable camcorder is as an electronic device that records live-motion audio and video for playing back later. You would also need a camrecorder strap for your safety and convenience; purchase a neck/shoulder camrecorder strap and it will go a long way for your best shoots.


In the market today are numbers of great leather and canvas camera straps that you can choose. They are designed to give more emphasis on functionality as the many other camera straps out there. But simultaneously they are also trying to be stylish so that aside from helping keep your camera in place, they give you a fabulous look!


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