Cake Stand Buying Guide

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Cake Plate

A cake plate is very important when choosing a cake. The cake is placed on the flat surface of the plate, which will serve as a form of decoration. For brides and grooms who have a quite large cake or have a cake which has a number of tiers and does not require any elevation, they can use the cake plate as a simple and easy way to showcase their cake in a simple yet glamorous way.

Cake plates can also be used for a small wedding with a lesser number of guests, where the cake is smaller in size and the couple wants just a simple display.


The Size of the cake stand

It will be the most convenient option to have a cake stand that has the same or bigger size than the lower tier of your cake. Usually tiered cakes are made on a cake board and, ideally, your cake board and cake stand both should have the same size.


If your cake has a simple design which has minimal decorations, using a cake stand which has the same size as the bottom tier of your cake will present a smooth transition from the cake to the cake stand. If your cake has some designing and decorations, such as flowers, using a cake stand which has a bigger size than the bottom tier of your cake will be the best option to provide a small ledge for the add-ons.


Pedestal and Tiers

When we talk about displaying cakes at different heights there are a number of options that can be applied. You can simply place the cake on a single plate, which can be used as a cake display stand. When it comes to some more advanced cake display stands, they include: pedestal and tiered. The pedestal style display stand is a cake plate that simply holds up a cake using a single pedestal or riser.


Whereas, a tiered cake display stand creates a very formal, multi-layered cake. Mostly, tiered cakes can be seen displayed at celebrations and ceremonies, such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. Tiered cake display stands consist of connecting pieces to make sure that the display stand is stable and strong enough to support layered cakes.


Color and Finish of Cake Display Stands

A very wide range of colors and finishes is present for cake display stands. Bamboo, clear, metallic, and red are just a few of the colors and finishes in which cake display stands are available. The color and finish of the cake display stand depending on the event will make it even more formal affair or will go along better according to the matching theme.


For example, a cake display stand that is used for a wedding can be silver or gold to make it seem even more elegance. On the other hand, if it’s a two-year Old’s birthday party then a red cake display stand will go along with a Mickey Mouse theme.


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