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Breathalyzers are devices used to determine and estimate the BAC from breath samples. Breath testing devices were first invented use by officers in 1940 while Breathalyzer was developed Dr. Robert Borkenstein and this breath alcohol testing device is widely used by many law enforcement agencies nowadays.


Upon absorption, alcohol is not chemically changed in our bloodstream. As our blood goes through the lungs, a quantity of the alcohol will move across the alveoli or membranes of lung air sacs. This concentration of alcohol in our alveolar air is also directly related to the alcohol in our blood.


In order to determine the alcohol, the person breathes into the breathalyzer. The person’s breath sample will bubble in a vial that contains a mixture of silver nitrate, water, potassium dichromate and sulfuric acid.


The measurement of alcohol is based on two main principles. The mixture of sulfuric acid will remove the alcohol from the air to the liquid solution. Then the alcohol will react with potassium dichromate in order to produce sulfate potassium acid water where it changes color from reddish orange into green chromium while its degree of color change is related to the level of alcohol from the expelled breath sample.


Breathalyzers can detect mouth alcohol and even if you’ve only used mouthwash that is alcohol-based. If you want to buy your personal breathalyzer to tell you if you are too intoxicated to drive, there’s a plethora of brands, prices and features you can choose from. A breathalyzer can purchased for personal use so you can bring it along when you go out to a bar.


Leading Names you can Trust!

Buying a breathalyzer from leading brands in the industry is a solid choice. Leading breathalyzer manufacturers produce high quality breath testing device for both personal and professional use. When you choose from globally-respected breathalyzer brands, you’ll most likely get the most accurate results.


Wearable, Lightweight and State-of-the-Art

With today’s extreme advancement in technology, breathalyzer industry has able to produce breath testing devices that are highly equipped with state-of-the-art features where you can connect to a smartphone to give accurate results. This breathalyzer is wearable and incredibly lightweight so you can easily attach the device into your clothes. Using your smartphone’s bluetooth and an app, you will know how long it would take you to get sober. Some breathometer applications may even help you find a car or nearby lodging so you may get home safely.


Professional Testing Technology

If you want to purchase the best-reviewed breathalyzer that gives the most precise results, you can shop for a breath testing device that provides police-grade breath testing technology. This device typically comes with built-in memory, quick readings and impressive accuracy.


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