Bowling Bag Buying Guide

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Bowling bags galore

Find a wide array of bowling bags that come in many sizes, designs, and colors, so you are sure to find just the right bag as a great gift to a friend, a relative, or to yourself. Find bags of varied designs: with rollers or without rollers, standing tall or lying flat bags, and bags that able to carry several numbers of balls. The best option is determined by lots of factors as your bowling habit, travel habits, your size, vehicle type and other specifications.


Bowling bags for travel and more

These bags were designed with air travel in mind. Whatever your needs may be, chances are there is just the kind of bowling ball bags right for you. To take the advantage of many bowlers who are ardent fans of other sports, you will see many bags with different colors and logos of the other professional sports teams they root for when they are not engaged and working in the lanes. The popularity of NFL- themed bowling bags are attributed to many bowlers who idolized and watched football.


History of bowling bag

Bowling bag is rich in history although bowling only became a popular sport at the start of the 20th century. As its popularity grew, heavy bowling balls being carried to the lanes became player’s problem and so the birth of the bowling bag. The first bag bowl was introduced as early as the 1920s and was made out of strong, durable leather. Although functional designs were the call of the day, bags for bowling ball were given strong aesthetic appeal.

As bowling was revitalized around the world, many bag designers were creating varied styles of this sporting classic as bags became more modern and fashion-forward. Following the resurgence of the bowling ball bags in the 1990s, the design became a compact and sleek that modernized the original style. It was perfect for everyday use outside the bowling lanes.


Reasons to buy your own bowling bag

Bowling is an inexpensive way to have fun for people of all ages and abilities. Comparable to other sports, no equipment is required. To be a bowler is easy; you just go to any bowling center, pay rental for shoes, get a ball off the rack and do you thing. However, you have to purchase your own bowling ball to improve your game and bring. 3 ball bowling bag with you. It is a good way to reduce risk of injury.


It is certainly great convenience if you own your ball so you will not feel disappointed if your favorite ball from your last game is no longer available. You know, every time, you’re going to use your ball. You are able to avoid germs for you have no way of knowing how many people have used the balls on the racks in the bowling center. Owning your very own balls inside your bowling ball bags brings you some level of prestige.


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