Nutrition Bar Buying Guide

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Nutrition bars are classified as snacks

They are called by many names as energy bars, food bars and protein bars; they are fitted best to be snacks, rather than meals. As healthy bars, they offer an irresistible convenient package that gives the promise of good nutrition and provide sweetness that can rival many candy bars.


Find a good food bar

Make great combination of mix of protein and fiber with low-fat yogurt swirl with almond butter spread topped with pear slices and fresh berries. There will be wide varieties of food bar with their wide range of calories and ingredients. You have to choose wisely.


What’s in the nutrition bars?

It has sugar that is an energy booster; protein for building and repair from meat and dairy; fats that are mainly unsaturated fats; and about 3 to 5 grams of fibers. Level of sodium ranged from fewer than 5 milligrams to more as 250 milligrams. Many healthy snack bars have adds-on of vitamins and minerals—such as vitamins C and E, copper, magnesium and zinc.


Food bars as nutrition

1. To ensure that nutrition is well balanced, meal replacement bars contains high amount of fiber and protein. You feel fuller longer as it has many other essential vitamins and minerals.


2. By eating snack-size protein bars, your tendency to overeat between meals is reduced. Many food bars are chocolate, fudge brownie, lemon meringue and peanut butter that surely satisfy any sweet tooth craving while minimizing and avoiding blood sugar and subsequent crashes.


3. Get the most out of your workout support by supplying your body with necessary nutrients. Before exercising, the protein bar you consumed will provide you with all the steady energy you need during your activity. You also get other benefits after your workout.



The advantage and convenience of food bars

Enjoy the advantage and convenience of nutrition bars. Healthy snack bars are tiny in size and are quickly consumed by active people or professionals. They can be placed inside one’s pocket or backpack. They last long and do not easily get spoiled. Unlike protein powders, they don’t require measuring and mixing — as well as refrigeration like other manufactured protein shakes.


What is actually is a healthy nutrition bar?

Look for a nutrition bar with whole-food ingredients that are recognizable; it has an array of more dried fruits, nuts, oats and whole grains containing with less sugar and syrups and no partially hydrogenated oils. Calories will be around 250; 15 to more grams of protein; three-plus grams from for fiber; 10 to 11 grams of fat; five to six grams is a good range for sugar and 200 milligrams of sodium.


If you are proactive, keep a bar stashed in your office drawer, car glove compartment or gym bag to guarantee a nutritious snack on hand. Buy only the healthy protein bar. If you choose the wrong ones and consume high-calorie meal-replacement bars as a snack, you will gain more weight.


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