Board Games Buying Guide

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What kind of board games are there?

While there are too many board games to be easily qualified within a few categories, the main types you will encounter will be:

  • Children’s games (usually simpler and shorter)
  • General games (a bit more complex and longer than the children’s, mostly intended for all ages)
  • Role-playing games (extremely complex games that last a long time, usually intended for adults or teenagers)


What to look out for?

The most common problem with games is the age limit. While there is no one stopping you from playing a game well out of your age limit, these limitations usually exist for a reason. Do not allow your children to play unattended with games that are not listed for their age since this can turn out to be very dangerous.

Even if the game has no small parts that could be swallowed, complex games may leave children bored and unfulfilled. Always try to buy a game within the desired age limit.


Which game should you choose?

Deciding on which game to buy can depend on a lot of factors. The first and most important question would be “Does it look fun?”. However, there are a few things you must keep in mind when purchasing a board game, in order to ensure maximum enjoyment and value. Depending on these, here a few factors that should be considered:


Who is playing?

Of course, games meant for children and are going to be different, and the factors to look out for will also differ.


Children’s games

First of all, safety! Make sure that the game is safe for children by referring to the age limit listed on the box. Those limitations are there with good reason, games may contain small parts that might be dangerous to children, so make sure that your children will be safe while playing.

The look at the game itself. If you get your children a game that lasts too long or is too complicated, they might simply find it too demanding and boring and refuse to play it, leaving you with a useless gift for them.


Games for all

These are great games that can immerse the entire family. These can always be a good choice since they are fun, safe and easy to begin. Make sure that you still refer to the age limit on the box, since most board games will have some limitations on very young children (usually board games begin at age 3+)


Games for adults

These are often more complicated and immersive games, and you should take care not to bring out a children¡¯s game to your adult friends. Just as games that are too complicated can become boring to children, games that are too simple and childish will not be interesting for adults.


How much time do you plan on playing?

Board games may also differ in game length. While there are some games that may only last for minutes, board games can range up to hours, and even days length, requiring multiple sessions. Before buying a board game, look for information on how long a typical game lasts, and buy accordingly.

If you only have an hour or two to spare, it might not be the best idea to get a game that lasts longer than that. When buying games that last shorter, you can have a bit more freedom, since these games are usually simpler, and offer greater replay value, meaning you can play more than one round per session.


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