Blue Light Blocking Glasses Buying Guide

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Blue light filter glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is important to know what kind of glasses you need. This is especially important because users of blue light glasses do not normally wear glasses, making it difficult to shop for them correctly. However, these glasses are not expensive and you can always return them if they do not fit you correctly.


Frame Type

This is the first important choice you will have to make. There a number of different kinds of shapes. There are round ones, rectangles and hemispherical shapes in frames. Each has a different kind of comfort level and offers a unique look. To add to this, there are different patterns and designs available in each type of frame. You can get blue blockers with frames in bright colours, patterns and even ones that are completely transparent.


Can be used by anyone

It is becoming increasingly common to have blue light blockers present at a home PC so that whoever uses it is protected. In the past, this job used to belong to anti-glare glass that used to be hung in front of the monitor. Now, it is much easier to protect yourself without compromising the image quality of your monitor.

You do not need a prescription for these glasses and because the lenses do not magnify, there are no side effects of using the glasses even for extended periods of time.


Perfect for gamers, digital artists and other heavy computer users

The primary users of these blue light filter glasses are gamers and digital artists, who have to spend a long time looking at a screen. If you look at screens continuously for more than 6 hours a day, then you should consider getting yourself some blue light glasses.

The glasses will help you take care of your eyes so you can continue gaming and working on your digital art without any adverse effects from the screen.


Packs of blue light glasses

You can buy a set of glasses for yourself so that you have a spare in case you break or lose one. The packs are also great for families. You can buy variety packs with different sizes in each, or a pack with multiple items of the same size.

You can also get assorted packs with different colours and themes so you can wear a different style everyday to match whatever outfit you are wearing. If you work remotely, then you can switch it up anywhere you go, with a frame to match your clothes or even your mood for the day.


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