Collagen Supplement Buying Guide

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Collagen for skin

Collagen for skin helps combat ageing, collagen protein contributes to muscle growth and fat loss and a general improvement in your digestive health. Hydrolyzed collagen has also been known to strengthen bones in addition to all the benefits mentioned above.


How to Choose the Right Collagen Supplement

Some types of collagen work better than others to solve certain issues. The best collagen products are usually made from grass-fed sources and do not have fillers. Check the label to see if the product you are considering from a marine source, as it may require you to be very strict with your dosage.

Typically, collagen products are unflavored since the recommended consumption amount is 10-15 grams daily and they can be added into your morning coffee or juice. Collagen should ideally be taken on an empty stomach, which is why it is best to bundle it in with your breakfast, but if you have missed the timing, then do not worry, you will still obtain the benefits of your collagen supplements.

Collagen powders and products are available online for as little as 11$, and can cost as much as 45$ for higher quality products with better collagen sources and delivery mechanisms. Hydrolyzed Collagen supplement products will give you greater efficiency on your collagen consumption through well refined collagen peptides that will not be broken down and digested in your stomach, going instead to where they are most needed.


Why Collagen

Collagen is one of the most important pieces of our bodily infrastructure and is found in our skin and connective tissue. Taking Collagen for skin has anti-ageing benefits and also keeps your skin healthier and boosts self-recovery capabilities that allow your skin to fight against the daily damage caused by pollution and harsh soap. It is one of the pillars of the fight against ageing.


Collagen Supplements for Fitness

The benefit given by collagen protein supplements to your fitness goals includes stronger tendons, ligaments, higher capacity for muscle growth and a better metabolism that influences higher levels of fat burn. Keep in mind that collagen supplements have to be used in moderation and overusing them can lead to over calcification issues that are best left avoided.


Buying and Using Collagen Supplements Safely.

It is important to choose your collagen powder carefully and use it in recommended doses. Using high amounts of collagen can put you at risk of hypercalcemia or calcium overdose, which can make things uncomfortable. Be especially careful when using products with shark or shellfish and other ingredients, overusing the supplement can give you side-effects.

If you follow the daily recommended intake carefully, collagen supplements are very safe and beneficial and slow down all the negative aspects of ageing, keeping you hale and hearty for longer.


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