Bench Grinder Buying Guide

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Smooth and Long-lasting Performance

Bench grinder is often considered an essential workpiece to have in metal fabrication and machine shops. This horizontal motor that drives abrasive wheels to sharpen or remove rust on a wide variety of materials is also often required during home renovation. Power bench grinder comes with the typical vitreous-bond wheels that work to get the intended tasks done however these wheels may have risk of cracking.


One must also understand that the wheels of table grinder are generally designed for steel and tough materials, not for grinding softer surfaces such as aluminum. Doing so may not only potentially dislodge pieces of the wheels but it can also cause injury.


Producing and operating a table grinder include industry and safety standard. Essential information such as wheel speed or the maximum RPM rating is typically printed on a paper blotter. It should come with safety features such as the wheels guards and coolant. These features can also greatly contribute to the grinder’s overall efficiency.


In the recent years, manufacturers are able to bring innovation into bench grinders by providing consumers with state-of-the-art motors for smooth and long-lasting performance. Aside from heavy-duty features and construction, modern bench grinders already come with amazing improvements such as one-inch wide wheels that make grinding easier, white aluminum oxide for less heat and heavy-duty steel for improved stability during operation.


Reduced Vibration and Added Stability

When buying a bench grinder, it is of equal importance to check and test the features before making your purchase decision. Aside from buying a grinder that matches your required speed range and construction, make sure to choose a workpiece that comes with durable base and adjustable lamp.


For example, a cast iron base is a smart choice to achieve reduce vibration when mounting holes or operating the grinder and add stability to your equipment. Aside from increasing the efficiency, a stable and highly durable base provides added safety during operation. The adjustable lamp, on the other hand, is another safety feature to look for. It provides better illumination to your work area.


Warranty is a Guarantee

When choosing a bench grinder, always buy with confidence. An express product warranty from the manufacturer and retailer in a form of written or oral statement is a representation of the product’s overall quality, performance and ability. A warranty also implies that your retailer exhibits confidence in his products, so make sure to look for warranty when buying a bench grinder.


Aside from free shipping, a bench grinder that comes with at least one year product warranty can be a good choice. When the product is backed with warranty, you know that your retailer is not only willing to provide you a smooth and convenient service. But it also gives you total peace of mind as you purchase their product.


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