Bath Towel Buying Guide

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Utility, Feel and Design

Bath towel has the perfect, efficient size for quick drying used after showering or bathing. The market offers a plethora of options when shopping for bath towel set. There’s a wide variety of types, materials, colors and designs of bath towels that are usually found as part of a bath towel set. They are typically folded and stack into compact spaces which make them perfect for guest and smaller bathrooms.


A towel typically comes with a size around 76cm x 152cm, in a rectangular shape. A face towel is a type of towel which is commonly used to apply soap to the skin while bathing. It comes in a small square shape and about the width of hand towel. It is said to be very effective in removing dead skin cells because of the increased abrasion when a face towel is used in applying soap to skin.


But, here’s the bad news. With overwhelming options of brands, styles and types of bathroom towel, shopping for the one that perfectly fits your needs and personal preferences isn’t easy anymore. So, how do you pick the right one? The good news? You’ve come to the right place. This article contains the necessary considerations to help you choose the right fabric that fits both your needs and unique preferences.


Practical and Luxurious

Bathroom towel is about function and style. When choosing a bath towel, it should be practical and hopefully stylish when used and hanged on your towel rack. Choosing a towel that’s both practical and luxurious can make a good choice – it can definitely do the job beautifully.


On the other hand, if you are more concerned about its feel when used, ability to retain the color and overall durability, consider choosing the appropriate type of fiber your bath towel is made of.


The common materials used in bath towels include synthetic, cotton and eco-friendly. Today, the long-standing standard for bathroom towels is cotton, however other constructions have emerged and offer exceptional quality. If you’re opting for cotton, the Egyptian cotton has always been considered the king. It’s often prized for its breathability, absorbency, softness and most importantly, durability. Turkish cotton naturally comes with attractive sheen which gives your bathroom towels a luxurious style.


For eco-friendly shoppers, choosing a towel that’s made of bamboo is often ideal. Bamboo fabric is loved and often preferred by many consumers who prefer eco-friendly materials because of its silky sheen, colorfastness that resist fading, environmental friendliness and lush feel. Meanwhile, synthetics such as microfiber are the perfect choice if you’re looking for light, quick drying ability and durability.


Get what you want

You know you are getting the right bathroom towel when it fits your preferences and needs. Before hitting the aisle of your favorite retailer for bath towels make sure to know what matters most to you.


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