Power Planer Buying Guide

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What will you be using it for?

If you just want to use it to get things done for the home, then what you really need is a hand planer. This is an easy to use tool that provides a handy way to woodwork in your garage. If you have a workshop or something that is a little more high maintenance, you may want to get a benchtop planer to keep up with your work.

There are different kinds of wood planers to choose from that can help you balance things between a workshop and a home improvement tool.


Weight & Chord Length

The weight of a hand planer is really important. Something that is too heavy may be very difficult for you to use. A typical hand planer weights around 10 pounds, but make sure to check the weight of the planer first.

Also, depending on the kind of work you are planning to do, you should pick an electric planer with sufficient chord length. This gives you extra mobility, especially if you need to work in a designated area that may not have a nearby power source.


Planer Size

The standard planing area for a hand planer 3-ΒΌ inches, however you can also find thickness planers with a bigger planing area up to 7 inches. The key here is to make sure you know exactly what you will be using the planer. If you are attempting a DIY operation, it may be worth asking around to see what kind of planer you will need and how large it is.


Planer type

You have to choose between straight and curved electric planers, both of which come with completely different specifications. Not to mention, there are different blade arrangements for different purposes. There are three bladed and two bladed variants in planers, some models have even more blades. Each provides a different kind of finesse, but both are equipped to do the same job.



Thickness planers come at different levels of output. This output is usually measured in amps and has a bearing on the kinds of wood you can work on. Standard power levels are between 6-8 amps for a wood planer, but there are products with power levels both above and below this.


Safe use guidelines

Planers are usually safe tools, however make sure you read the instructions and guidelines carefully. Electric planers should be kept away from children as they have powerful blades spinning at high speed inside. These wood planers should not be used on any other surfaces as they will get damaged and also cause damage to the non-wood surface.


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