Back Massager Buying Guide

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Discover back massager for pain relief

An effective back massage machine can really target your particular pain as it stimulates circulation and relax stiff muscles with its several types featuring programs designed for upper, lower and full back. You can opt for an electric back massager, heated back massager, as well as neck massager options and they provide vibrations of different intensities.


Here are some types of back massager

1. Hook Back Massager is the cheapest type made of regular wood or plastic with its long handle can reach the least accessible spots to relieve slight fatigue.


2. Typical Electric Back Massager is for family massager with huge flat disk kneads four finger-like nodes nozzle that mimics manual massage to relief pain.


3. Heated Electric Back Massage with two massage heads exuding infra-red heat and ideal for gentle massage. Electric back massager is not as big and weighs only 2.5 pounds.


4. Back Massager with Beauty Mode is portable and the most expensive with two additional nozzles for your face and scalp, relieves pain and cramps. For deep, fast and intensive muscle massage, each head has 8 fingers of silicone for to create deep, fast and intensive massage of every muscle.


5. Heated Massager Shiatsu Pillow is the tiniest in size and just right for your ankle, elbows, knees & neck and it can also be easily placed under your lower back.


6. Useful during stroke recovery, Electronic Pulse Massager enhances muscle tone by the use of neuromuscular electrical stimulation on paralyzed patients and is also good during stroke recovery.


Which type is good for you?

The shiatsu style is a very popular type of seat back massager that provides the right amount of pressure and motions with its rotating protrusions. The pressure-based technique of Shiatsu kneads your muscles and is most beneficial for long-term stress. By means of a noninvasive buzzing action, it gently loosens your muscles using vibrating massagers making them ideal for soothing sensitive areas and sores. The elderly might consider purchasing a simple gentle classic chair with neck massager.


Tips in buying the best back massager

Before the purchase, try out a few back massagers. Kneading settings roll from the center of the spine outwards is a great way to relieve stress and it feels like two hands alternately rubbing your back. Its tapping motions get the blood flowing and are particularly good if your muscles are sore from intense exercise.


Additional features are included in many massage chairs these day are mechanical foot rollers, inversion, extended roller tracks, music systems and head massagers. Look at reviews and do your research online or, if you can, get the advice of someone who knows the massage chair market.┬áBe careful of unknown brands. You’re making an investment and it needs to be with the right product.


If you need to relax or feel rejuvenated, heated back massager can be just the ticket; you can buy from many department stores in your area or purchase online.


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