Telescopes Buying Guide

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Choosing a Telescope

Are you a new astronomer and don’t know how to choose the right telescope? There is a vast range of telescopes for amateurs to choose from, this can be really confusing or a person who is new to all this.When a beginner has to make a decision while buying his first telescope, a lot of questions will arise in your mind. Here are some usually asked questions about buying a new telescope for beginners.


Here we have also provided some good telescope recommendations for beginners to help in making the right choice while shopping for a telescope. Know how a telescope works with OpticsPlanet and become a devoted astronomer for all your life. We will detail you on all of the best reflecting telescopes, refracting telescopes, Schmidt Newtonian telescope, Schmidt Cassegrain telescope, Dobsonian telescope and the Maksutov Cassegrain telescope.


Size and Portability:

“The best telescope is the one which is used often”, this is a very old and well known saying in amateur astronomy. Like most of the well-known sayings, this one also has a lot of truth to it. The size and the portability of a telescope are very important factors which have a deep impact on how often you use your telescope. A larger telescope may allow you to observe more of the night sky, but you wouldn’t want to use a large telescope sometimes as it will not be so portable and would restrict you from using it very often.


One of the most important advice we can give is that you should think thoroughly about the size and weight of the telescope you like and should consider the fact that how much effort and time will it require to be set up and use. If you like a telescope and have doubts about its large size, you should check it out on Orion as there is a good chance that there will be a smaller model of that telescope there with the same features. Some high-quality telescopes can prove to be very heavy and not so portable but some devoted astronomers do not mind these things and say that all this is totally worth seeing the magical heavenly night sky.


Optical Design – Which telescope design is the most suitable for you?

When some people hear the word ‘telescope’ usually the image of a one-eyed pirate with a long brass tube pops into their mind, but in reality, there is a vast range of optical designs used in making telescopes. Refractor, reflector, and Cassegrains are the most common designs used in making telescopes. Each design has its own unique qualities and features that make one design seem more interesting and better than the other ones, based on your desires. Study these designs carefully and get know how about their use and their characteristics to make a better thought decision.


Computer Control

Nowadays a lot of telescopes feature a built-in computer system in them which points the user automatically to the interesting objects in the sky. This feature is quite helpful and interesting which helps you observe major celestial events easily, follow moving objects and more.  Computer control is the smart choice to make. If you want, you can still find objects manually, but with computer control, you can keep up with the celestial highlights easily.


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