Almond Flour Buying Guide

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Heart Healthy, Gluten-free Ingredient

If you like spending most of your time cooking or preparing a mouthwatering recipe, chances are you are very much familiar with almond flour. Blanched almond flour is finely ground almond and typically a key ingredient for baked goods such as quick breads, cookies, cakes and French macaroons. It is characterized by a coarse texture which makes it a good alternative to breadcrumbs for topping vegetable and coating meat. Almond powder is widely available in major grocery stores and is typically stocked in gluten-free sections.


Crispy and Super Crunchy Crust

If you love cooking and preparing meals for your family but you want to avoid gluten, look no further. You can toss your almond meal to give a little crunch to your vegetable gratin. Almond meal can help you achieve that tasty, crispy and super crunchy crust for pork, chicken or fish. All you have to do is to dip your piece of meat into the beaten eggs and roll in blanched almond flour, pan fry and enjoy your recipe.


If your recipe is calling for a gluten-free, low carb baking alternative to breadcrumbs and wheat flour, almond flour is a very ideal choice. Aside from being high in protein, protective antioxidants and heart healthy, this main ingredient can make any recipe more delicious to satisfy one’s palate. However, with so many brands of almond meals and powder available in the market today, maybe you are wondering which flour to pick. Here are some tips to help you choose the right product that ensures the flour’s nutritional value is completely retained throughout the manufacturing process.


The Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

Choose from trusted brands. It is safe to start your options from choosing from trusted brands of almond flours. Consumer reviews will give you an idea which brand earns the most impressive reputation when it comes to producing good quality almond flours. You don’t want to miss what other consumers have to say about the most renowned brands in the market. You want to get an insightful review from people who have actually used the product in their kitchen.


Read the labels, nutritional facts and packaging. The labels and packaging will help you ensure that almond flour does not only maintain its freshness but as well as the nutritional value. Reading the label may also give you an idea about the taste and texture. It also allows you to determine if the product is versatile to be used in a variety of recipe. Always make reading a habit when choosing flours to buy.


Price is commonly a deciding factor on which product and brand to buy. The good news is, there’s plethora of options available for you, and you’ll have no trouble finding the right flour that suits your needs and budget.


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