Air Horns Buying Guide

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Types of Horns

Majorly air horn systems can be found in two different types that are also popular on eBay.  The first type of air horn is a direct drive system which features a little air pump which is almost the same size of a soda can which functions by pumping air directly into a small set of horns.  These systems prove to be very reliable for small applications like being used on motorcycles or golf carts.  This kind of horns are louder than a common car horn but are not extremely loud which many buyers nowadays prefer.  


In the second type of air horns, an air compressor and a tank are used.  The function of the compressor is that it makes up a pressure in the air tank which ranges from 110-200 PSI.  The pressure is held in the tank until the horn is triggered, which is generally done by an electronic solenoid installed on the horn.  This type of system is way louder than the first type.  The loudness of these type of horns usually ranges from 148 to 153 dB.  Although system that reaches up to 157 dB are also available based on the type of horn, how big the valve is and how the air system is. You can also see horns that go to 170 dB – 180 dB being advertised by sellers.  


PSI (Pressure per Square Inch)

With PSI or Pressure per Square Inch, the main point is to allow you to choose the horn that offers the sound that you desire to get. Generally, when selecting a PSI it should be selected with the following condition in mind- the bigger it is, the louder it is! A bigger PSI offers a louder sound because of the fact that the more air is pushed through the louder it will be. Horns featuring compressors as varied as 125-170 PSI can be chosen depending on your needs and requirements.


Number of Horns

The number of horns installed is also an important factor that should be looked upon. A number of air horns usually feature more than one horn. Having more horns doesn’t always mean that it’ll give you a louder sound. The multiple numbers of horns may not provide a louder sound but they do help in providing more harmony and give you a more dynamic sound. And this is why they are an ideal option.


Consider the Sound

Obviously, when buying a horn, the sound of the horn should be checked and considered. When checking the sound of the horn, factors such as the loudness of the horn and the kind of the sound should also be carefully considered. The type of sound, such as a train or a truck horn should also be considered. When things come to loudness, direct drive systems with small air pumps prove to be a great choice as they are great for golf carts and motorcycles.


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