Air Hockey Table Buying Guide

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Quality Options of Classic to Modern Designs

Air hockey tables are usually found in recreational spots where players play the game of air hockey. Air hockey tables feature a very unique playing surface which is extremely smooth perforated by number of miniature air holes. They have fans fitted underneath that are responsible for blowing the air upwards into the table cavity. Fans also force the jets of air to rush throughout its surface holes.


Each player stands at the opposite ends of air hockey tables to strike the flat disc called as puck using pushers or mallets. The ultimate goal is to get the puck to go into the opponent’s goal area. Players do not only knock the puck towards the opponent’s goal area, they can utilize the sides of the air hockey table to attack their opponents and make a score into the goal mouth from different angles.


An air hockey table is a most-sought choice as game room equipment in clubs, arcades, recreational centers and homes. If air hockey is a game you and your family enjoy most, you can practice your skill and win the game by purchasing your own air hockey table. There are several types, styles and makes of air hockey tables available. These variations include modern tables with electronic effects and the classic arcade-style. In order to help you find the right choice, here are few tips that may guide you through your shopping process. With these tips and information, you’ll be playing your most favorite game in no time.


Sturdy Construction so you Get Years of Enjoyment

Air hockey tables are manufactured for different skill levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced skills. It is not necessary to purchase the most expensive air hockey tables you can find to enjoy the game. The key is to choose the right table that suits your skill level to avoid frustrating and inconsistent play. For beginners, you can find a wide range of options of tables under a $100 budget. Although, less expensive may not be able to stand up to active and repeated use, it’s still a good table to use especially if you’re still trying to learn the game.


Tables for intermediate and advanced level players are often designed with more sturdy construction and extremely smooth playing surface to polish their air hockey skills over time. Tables for intermediate and advanced players can enjoy top quality arcade-style or full-sized professional tables that are strong and durable protecting the table against dent and scratch.


Get the Value for your Money

Regardless if you’re looking to purchase a table for beginner or advanced level players, make sure that the air hockey of your choice is made from top quality construction that can stand from a great deal of use over a very long period of time. Although high quality air hockey table may have a huge upfront cost, it’s an investment you can make for yourself and your family where you benefit from the table for many years to come.


Aside from the price and construction, other essential components to consider when purchasing an air hockey table is table size, rink walls and added features.


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