Aerosol Adhesive Buying Guide

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Should you buy aerosol adhesive?

From time to time things have to be bonded. With aerosol adhesive, you have the option where to place the bonding agent. Some sprayers prevent waste and excess cleanup, saving time and money. Some brands include adjustable spray nozzle allowing you to control how much spray stream to use. Either a thick or thin layer is created and makes adjustment as necessary throughout the project.



Types and brands of aerosol adhesive are different. Some have been formulated to work with specific materials as canvas, cardboard, cork, fabric, felt, foam, foil, glass, leather, metal, paper, plastic, rubber, Styrofoam and wood.


Special formulas of spray adhesive are useful to mount various items from flexible or irregular materials from cardboard to foam, vinyl to rubber. Others types are used specifically for solid and rigid pieces like various kinds of metals and woods while special formulas are applicable to brick, concrete & solid block, or other materials that are porous.


Some adhesives dry up quickly, while others need more time to stick as materials must be accurately e placement of materials. The latter is best for mounting logos, photographs, presentation materials, small signs, and more. Spray adhesive and spray glue can provide temporary or permanent bonding depending upon the precise formula chosen.


Convenience and power at the touch of a finger

Adhesive sprays are quick and easy to use and portable. They stick faster and have long bonding range. They are used without waste so you do not need to clean your equipment. Delivery systems for aerosol adhesive have come a long way since its introduction.


These adhesives are best to use bonding materials such as paper, cardboard, etc. Spray adhesives do their work best when are used in screen printing, household and automotive repair projects, and in the bonding of laminate. Formulation of spray glue is determined how items are mounted to a variety of surfaces, such as plastics. Sprays are able to cover large areas.


Adhesive Options

Photo tabs are placed inside a dispenser; inside the cardboard box, you will find a roll of tabs with double-sided square tabs. The applicator of the box is held on the paper’s side tab; simply press downward the tab to transfers adhesive to your paper…easy does it!


Glue stick is useful to for bonding matted photo with background paper, or attaching together layer papers. Do not waste it by using too much!


Glue Dots are best for decors. It secures buttons, ribbons, twills, as well other 3-D embellishments to stick to any page. It comes as a roll packaged inside a small square box. Simply pull the entire roll from the box to find dot the roll and unroll the liner and you can find the first dot on the roll. Lift it after firmly pressing onto the dot your embellishment. The embellishment has already picked up the dot and it’s ready to attach to your page.


Foam Mounting Tape is 1’8 “thick which has a double-sided adhesive. It’s useful as tiny embellishment when cut in strips or into pieces. As with glue stick, you don’t need to use a lot of foam tape.


Aerosol adhesives are immensely valued. You cannot imagine how activities at home and projects are done. It is fostered with immense business expertise to understand their function needs in the most effective way.


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