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Three dimensional puzzles or 3D puzzles are made of wood, fabric, plastic or metal to boggle your mind and delight your senses. There’s strategy and art to 3D puzzles that every puzzle aficionado can truly enjoy. Originated from China and Japan, 3D puzzles are assembled in specific patterns and shapes using several pieces.

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FCBB Rainbow Ball Cube
FCBB Rainbow Ball Cube include 12 holes and 11 different colors balls. Play it in a similar way to a magic cube mixed with a slide-tile puzzle. You have to work out how to restore the color ball into orresponding color holes.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Lightweight.
  • Environmental engineering ABS material.
FCBB Rainbow Ball Cube 3D Puzzle
Melissa & Doug 9046 Medieval Castle
This 3-D puzzle encourages hand-eye coordination, concentration, attention span, and an understanding of spatial relationships. The castle features moving drawbridge, trap door, secret opening in the castle wall, cannons, a dragon, and more.
  • Easy detailed instructions.
  • Pieces and sections are color-, shape-, and number-coded.
  • No glue or scissors required.
Melissa & Doug 9046
Dreampark Pyraminx Cube
Dreampark Pyraminx Cube is the ultimate gift for kids. Its special structure is designed for speedcubing and tension adjustable. It is solve by making each side one solid color. It comes with a full money back guarantee.
  • Recyclable materials.
  • Stickerless.
  • Colorful.
Dreampark Pyraminx Cube
Roptum Magnetic Blocks Building Tiles
Roptum Magnetic Blocks Building Tiles reduce the damage to the eyes. It is suitable for all ages (3 yrs and up) and helps children acquire the sense of colorful, 3D spatial cognitive ability and architectural design.
  • Smooth edge.
  • Magnets completely enclosed in durable plastic components.
  • Each individual tile has 2 different colors (one on each side).
Roptum Magnetic Blocks Building Tiles 3d crystal puzzle
Bepuzzled Original 3D Crystal Puzzle - Panda
Bepuzzled Original 3D Crystal Puzzle - Panda will present a hallenge for even the most experienced puzzlers. It is intended for ages 12 and over. It includes bamboo branch and sticker sheet.
  • 41 unique interlocking pieces.
  • Sleek, transluscent, crystalline puzzle.
  • Heartwarming design.
Bepuzzled 30979
Ravensburger 12427 The Earth Puzzleball
Exercise your mind with Ravensburger's 540-piece The Earth Puzzleball. Each puzzle piece is printed with a number on the inside to assist with construction, or you can go by image alone for a real challenge.
  • Includes two different display stands.
  • Comes with reference map & instructions.
  • Pieces easily snap together without the use of glue.
Ravensburger 12427
VFunix Speed Cube
VFunix Speed Cube is the ultimate gift for kids, adults, beginners and pro cubers. It increases the intelligence of the kids, releases the working pressure of the adults, improves memory and practice hands-on dexterity skills.
  • New anti-twist and anti-pop structure.
  • Tension adjustable.
  • No stickers & never fade away color.
VFunix Speed Cube 3d wooden puzzle
aGreatLife 3x3x3 Carbon Fiber Sticker Cube
This is the ultimate gift for kids and adults, for your friends and family members, and for beginners and professionals. It provides hours of enjoyable gameplay and is perfect for reducing stress, boosting one’s brainpower, improving memory and practicing hands-on dexterity skills.
  • Improved anti-pop technology.
  • Easy to turn & smooth to play.
  • Stickers that stick.
aGreatLife 3x3x3 Carbon Fiber Sticker Cube
Dreampark Pyraminx Pyramid Speed Cube
This is the best-selling pyraminx cube. This hot new pyramid cube improves your kid's cognitive and problem-solving abilities. You can take it anywhere. It is an awesome gift for friends, family members, beginners and pros.
  • Fine corner cutting & fast performances.
  • Recyclable material & solid sticker.
  • Enjoy easy turning & smooth play.
Dreampark cube 3d jigsaw
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3D Puzzle Buying Guide

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If you’re looking forward to boggle your mind and delight your senses 3D puzzles bring a whole new challenge and dimension. They come in a wide variety of patterns, shapes and forms to quench your thirst for fun and enjoyment. Today, you will find a vast selection of designs for every budget from the leading manufacturers to delight the senses and boggle the mind!